I’m very excited about this, having actively tried to do what I could to mend this relationship.

Very important for Alex, Mark and who knows how many…!


jeff : )

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After watching the following segment of yesterday’s Alex Jones Show transmission, Mark Dice then posted this on his Facebook page:

Mark Dice

I have buried the hatchet with Alex Jones from Infowars. That does not mean Infowars is a sacred cow or that I won’t critically analyze any stories they put out when I feel it’s needed (I am a media analyst after all), but consider the hatchet buried for the sake of coming together to fight the New World Order and save as many people as possible from falling into the Illuminati abyss.

Despite my very harsh criticism of Alex in the past, he has taken the high road and today acknowledged that I do good work and gave me a shout out on his radio show for my “Repeal the 2nd Amendment” video. Looking back, I’m sure my criticism actually helped Infowars up their game and be a bit more careful about some of the stories they put out and double check their info and analysis.

For those who don’t know, we had a little falling out a few years ago due to a misunderstanding that I then took a little too far cuz I’m a bit crazy sometimes (so is Alex for that matter) but anyway, now onto more important things and setting aside personal differences for sake of unifying The Resistance to fight the Illuminati and their planned destruction of our freedoms, economy, health, and peace of mind.

Then, two days later, Mark posted this on his Facebook page:

Big thanks to Alex Jones, Drudge Report, and everyone else who helped spread the “Repeal the Second Amendment” Petition video around to help jolt people into waking up and thinking about the Bill of Rights. JUST WAIT until you see tomorrow’s “Man on the Street Monday” video! It might be even more crazy than this one!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to select “Show in News Feed” on my Facebook page. I don’t post all videos here on FB, and because this is a fan page, not every status update shows up on everyone’s page unless I pay PER STATUS update, FYI. Here’s last week’s “Repeal the 2nd Amendment” video if you missed it.

Check my previous status update from Friday to read the details about me burying the hatchet with Alex for the sake of coming together to fight our common enemy: The Illuminati.

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Published on Apr 13, 2013



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