I just had a personal prayer breakthrough, praying towards the root of improper concepts that are putting people to sleep to a degree that I probably never have before.

There are people who pray against (James-3 curse) people to not investigate various concepts and/or even events to see what is really going on — to keep people in the dark: the situation we’re really in with God for not caring about what we’ve done and supported overseas in these wars is just one example. I was watching a documentary on Abu Ghraib when I got the idea to pray more thoroughly about this than ever before. And that led to prayers about other “Schultz – ‘I know nothing; I see nothing; I hear nothing'” blockages.

I can post truth every day, but if people feel compelled to look the other way because others have ‘prayed’ that they would close their hearts….

There are bullies and scoffers who want people to be in the dark, for whatever reason about many things. We don’t have to know who the truth stoppers are, but we can pray for whomever they are to set many free!


A Gift that Will Set Many Free! …