One of my favorite photographers, Ken Duncan said this in an email sent today:

Happy Christmas to all our lovely friends.  May your Christmas break be filled with love and hope.

I love the message of Christmas and I find it sad when some try to take away aspects of it.

I’ve heard that in one shopping centre this year, Santa is walking around just saying Merry, Merry, Merry.  When asked why he was not saying Merry Christmas, Santa said centre management had instructed him he was not allowed to mention the name of Christ – as in Christmas.  How sad our world is when we give up our right to our own opinions and beliefs.

In a world that is virtually besieged by fear, why should we prohibit any reference to one of the greatest messengers of faith and hope that ever walked this planet?  Whether you believe in God or not, I believe the concept of God giving His best  for others, and then Jesus giving everything He had for others, shows us a valuable key to life.

If we truly want to live a life of purpose and find peace that endures despite our circumstances, then maybe life needs to be less about what we get … and more about what we give.

This year we have sent you a link to a beautiful Christmas Audio Visual production we put together in conjunction with Gina Jeffery’s and her inspiring song “Christmas Wish”.

I hope it inspires you as it does me.

Thank you for your encouragement and for being part of our journey.

May you have a wonderful New Year full of hope and faith.

Ken and Pam Duncan