I’ll say more later, but I changed my cargo photos category back to Cargo’s Last Stand, which had temporarily been NWA > Delta Cargo.

I originally called it Cargo’s Last Stand to document NWA’s parking all of the 747 freighters, and then changed it to something more positive when Delta took over and we just handled passenger aircraft cargo.

We just found out this morning that Delta (who bought NWA) will now outsource our cargo operation here in Anchorage, starting 1/1/13.

Leah just said on Facebook that our cargo building was put into operation by NWA in 1969:

I believe 1969 and was expanded in 1972 to what is now occupied by LSG [flight kitchen] and ELS [plant maintenance].

I started working in Anchorage in 1980, and did a shift in this same air freight building in 1981.

All of the Cargo’s Last Stand photos are still posted. Just click the category in the Categories menu on the right. There are currently 35 pages of posts.