I shared this on my Facebook page, recently.

I attended many Rodney Howard-Browne meetings 20 years ago in Anchorage, Alaska, in which violinist, Maurice Sklar played with great anointing.

One time, during group worship, WE COULD HEAR THE ANGELS SINGING. The keyboardist took his hands off of the keyboard to make sure it wasn’t his instrument.

The singing was the most beautiful and compelling I have ever heard — transcendent — a sound having so much upward energy that I would never tire of.

It sounded like it was coming from above the worship team, but in front of the stage [not anywhere near the loudspeakers].

Maurice and I were among the many (including my mom — so timely because Dad had recently died) who were GREATLY touched by the Holy Spirit during those 36 meetings, of which I attended 33.

One time, I wanted to talk to Maurice about microphones, but he was so touched by God that he had more important things on his mind.

Thank you, Maurice, Rodney and Anchorage Christian Center (now called City Church) — and Jesus!!!

May we make a home for God so He can dwell among us in fullness of joy and power!

If we build it He will come!