Kicking demon butt — together!!!!!!!

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The original Riverdance performance in Dublin has been such a thrill for me. Yesterday, a Facebook friend, David Hayes, shared with me an earlier version, for which he said: ”

~“This is the first time ‘Riverdance’ hit the screens. They were the Musical Act during a Break in the Eurovision. That years’ Eurovision was held in Ireland because we won it the year previously.

I wrote David back, stating:

“David, thanks A TON for sharing and explaining. I’ve searched a number of times for Riverdance videos on YouTube, but have somehow missed this. And this also has the power and feel of the full production in Dublin that I’m familiar with.

“At minute-5:40 is where I can’t keep from crying. Imagine if we were all united Bravehearts defeating the Devil in holiness!!!

‘ONE’ can happen!!!!!!! [‘ONE’ is Jesus’ heart-cry in John 17]

[youtube=]Riverdance (Eurovision Song Contest 1994 Dublin)

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This is the amazing Riverdance performing as the Interval Act at Eurovision 1994, featuring the phenomenal Michael Flatley and Jean Butler and featuring the superb vocal talents of Anúna.

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Here is the same performance with extra footage and commentary:

[youtube=]Eurovision 1994 Interval Act – Riverdance

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