I thought I’d capture Carl’s insightful presentation (details below) with a few images. Carl has  been a real encouragement to me in my own photography. He is also a real gentleman and peacemaker.

[Please excuse: The piano juts into the images. I had an immoveable tripod for my little LX-5 — an empty seat back.]

Alaska State Map


Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers’ monthly meeting:
“Chugach State Park: Alaska’s Backyard Wilderness”

Photographer and author Carl Battreall will talk about his recent book “Chugach State Park: Alaska’s Backyard Wilderness”. He will share his experiences in getting the images and the creative process from concept to publication of a book.

Carl’s book:
Chugach State Park: Alaska’s Backyard Wilderness at Amazon

ADN article:
New photo book reaches deep into the Chugach

Carl’s website:
Photograph Alaska