The new Canon S100 is having some sharpness issues.

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First Impressions: Using the Canon PowerShot S100

Sometimes reviews get delayed. It can happen for all manner of reasons, and I’m sorry to report that our review of the Canon PowerShot S100 is taking a lot longer than I had hoped. We’re not sitting on our hands though – we’ve used three S100s, and the delay has been caused by concerns over optical issues displayed by the cameras that we’ve seen. Testing, retesting and analyzing results from multiple cameras takes time, and the worst thing we could do in my opinion is to rush a review out before we have the full picture (for a more complete explanation of the issues that we’ve encountered, turn to page 2 of this article).

This article is not meant to replace a full review, but rather to augment our detailed preview of the S100, published when the camera was first announced. Since we published our preview we’ve been able to do a lot of shooting with the S100 and although we are not yet able to pull this experience into a full review, I would like to share some of it with you as we work towards that goal.


Image Quality (tentative first impressions)

It is too early to make any definitive statements about the S100’s image quality, partly because we have a lot more testing still to do ahead of a full review, but also because the camera sitting on my desk in front of me is the third sample that I have looked at, and the third with what appears to be a slightly decentered lens. Quality control issues can affect cameras from early production batches (and inevitably, review samples tend to fall into this category) and I hope that we have simply have been unlucky with the samples that we have received so far.

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