After posting this, I thought I’d elaborate.

In the day when most people are in The Matrix (walking backwards, thinking they’re actually walking forwards), this may be our reality once we break out of the trance — shining as bright lights in this ever darkening world.

I often think of it as swimming upstream, which I had a dream about once. The people were in the river flowing by me as I was cruising upstream, no problem. In the dream it was easy, practically effortless. But I think effortlessness can only happen when we are 100.00% determined walk fully in Love, abiding 100.00% in the Vine (John 15) — no ifs ands or buts all in Jesus — His ways all my days.

May we be ONE in Him (John 17). Then it will really be a piece of cake.

And many will do 180s to join us in walking forward, together with us, grounded in Love.

– Jeff : )

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From: PetaPixel

Here’s a fun and creative idea that requires brains rather than a big budget: using an ordinary video-capable camera and some basic editing software, you can show a person walking forward through a world that’s traveling backward. For even crazier examples of this same technique, check out the music videos for The Scientist by Coldplay, Typical by Mutemath, and Drop by The Pharcyde.