The glory of God can be seen by what man can do too,
created in God’s image.

And these students chose Michael W. Smith’s music
to for the most part inspire their video.


– Jeff : )

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Animation Showing How the Canon 10D and 24-85mm Lens are Assembled

This animation was created by students of the Engineering 128: Advanced Engineering Design Graphics course at UC Berkeley during the Spring 2008 semester. The first part shows a Canon 10D DSLR exploding into its individual parts, and then those parts coming together again to slowly rebuild the camera, while the second part does the same for a Canon 24-85mm lens. Pretty…impressive considering that it’s for an undergraduate course.

[youtube=]UC Berkeley E128 Final Project – Canon 10D DSLR v2

Uploaded by on Jun 9, 2008

Canon 10D & 24-85mm F/3.5-4.5 Lens Animation
Version 2

Presented by:
Matthew Farrell
Michelle Pang
Michael Tom

University of California, Berkeley
Engineering 128
Advanced Engineering Design Graphics
Spring 2008

Software Used:
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0
SolidWorks 2005
Autodesk Viz 2008

Songs Used:
零 (零的自我分裂之歌) – Mars Soundtrack
Thy Word – Michael W. Smith
The Offering – Michael W. Smith
Original Version 1: