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HeartQuotes: Nature


  1. Rich

    Nice capture Jeff. I haven’t seen any newborn moose this spring. Glad to see you posting again. I haven’t looked in awhile as there was no new activity. Getting ready for summer?

    • Jeff Fenske


      Thanks again for commenting!! I’ve been thinking about what to say. It’s been a tough spring. I’m still reeling from shocking, revival stopping response that I got at ALCC in February/March. I am left dumbfounded when people no longer act like people and ‘church leaders’ don’t act like church leaders.

      But I have hope from a sheep that I transported in the van to air freight a few days ago. He/she was kicking and rocking the kennel, loudly speaking his/her mind — and would look me square in the eye.

      I was impressed! I thought all sheep are supposed to be passive — follow the leader. But not all of the sheep will take it lying down.

      I’ll be announcing a new strategy, now that I no longer have any choice — YouTube videos soon.



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