Artist Statement

The world untouched and undefiled by man is one of indescribable beauty and wonder: a world filled with light and peace. The miracle of life unfolds before our eyes, and is seen in the tapestry of creation. All of our world, each living cell, every stone and drop of water, even the air and light around us, reflects and mirrors the glory and presence of the Creator and calls us to respond with wonder and praise.

Photography is an expression of the world we live in, and of what we see and experience. Many contemporary photographs seem filled with negativity and warped, malignant things. That these negative things and perceptions exist now for a time in the world with us is indisputable, but I feel strongly that there is no need to give life and strength to them. Too often, attempting to represent the sacred in nature is maligned as being naive or simplistic, and is said to be unchallenging and visually unsophisticated. This need not be so.

The purpose of my photography is to provide a brief, if somewhat veiled, glimpse into that clear and brilliant world of light and power. To the extent that these photographs help show that way, is the extent to which these images succeed.


[real art history] Ansel Adams gave up on color photography because printing in that day was too dificult to master. The only person who could routinely produce fine-art quality color prints was Christopher Burkett.

Australian photographer Ken Duncan on LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY: “I’m trying to show THE BEAUTY OF GOD’S CREATION and TO BRING PEACE into people’s lives” — “IT’S GOING TO BE MUCH BIGGER, because the more we go down this path of bureaucracy people are wanting peace” — “I’VE LEARNED TO LISTEN to that little voice”