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From Infowars (help support Alex Jones): Fluoride In The Tap Water T-Shirt — Spread the word: “Anchorage Mayor/councilmen, STOP poisoning our pristine water with toxic waste that lowers IQs, passifies citizens, and makes human beings sick!!”

I may get a ‘9/11 = inside job’ cap too [entire 9/11 Truth category at ToBeFree], but I would be careful where I would wear it. Some Republicans who watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh (but not Alex Jones) might freak! [I just updated my collection of Fox News illustrations: [updated] FOX News Illustrated: “We Spin, We Decide” — Because Sometimes You Can’t Handle the Truth]

Whereas this shirt rocks and is so pertinent that it can be worn freely. Let the world see!

Help wake up America and free Anchorage from this rat poison, which it literally is!

It’s unconscionable what they’ve done to Alaska’s pristine water. The only way to get this toxic waste out is to take all of the other good minerals out too!

Our media won’t discuss it, but we can.

Fenske’s Rant! | Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children — In addition to this study, and the 23 other IQ studies, there have been over 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage

We need everyone’s minds razor sharp during these difficult days ahead.

Help your neighbor; spread the word!


Jeff : )

NOTE: The white shirt does not have this great info on the back.


From: infowars

Fluoride In The Tap Water – Blue Shirt

The majority of Americans believe the government lie that drinking fluoride is good for them without evening questioning it. Wake them up with this informative blue t-shirt.The front of the blue t-shirt conveys all the dangers of adding fluoride to the drinking water in one very simple, yet powerful symbol: a skull within a droplet of water. The front also has the phrase “THERE IS POISON IN THE TAP WATER” to succinctly explain the image. Our website is also on the front and back.The back also has the skull/droplet of water image and explains the dangers with a powerful liststating that fluoride is:

  • An industrial waste added to the drinking water by our government for the purpose of medication.
  • More toxic than lead.
  • The active ingredient in many pesticides.
  • Linked to increases in bone cancer, brain damage & lower IQs.

Wear this great shirt and do your part to wake up those around you to the dangers of adding fluoride to the water supply.

Get it Here




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Support Infowars; help wake up Americans “THERE IS POISON IN THE TAP WATER”: Fluoride In The Tap Water – Blue Shirt

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  1. Do republicans support raising our debt ceiling under Reagan and GWB, but not under Obama?
    Why was it ok for GWB to put his war debts on an off the balance sheet, whereas Republicans are blowing up at Obama when he included GWB war expenses?
    Do Republicans still support Trickle down for Britney Spears, Donald Trump and Lady Gaga?

    Why do Tin Foil Republicans label Alex Jones Facts as conspiracy theories? Republicans are INSANE.

    The EuroZone was bailed out several times, but that results in MORE debt upon more debt, more taxes, a devaluation in their currency, and middle class losing out more of their entitlement programs.

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