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Yanni: Reflections of Passion

[youtube=]Yanni-Reflections of Passion


Memories of Us — A Ryan Stewart Original


Jitters Lookin’ Good!


  1. Rich

    No new post in awhile… something is a brewing over on the southwest part of town!!!!

    • Jeff Fenske



      It’s been a long month.

      I shared some of it with you via email, and will repeat some of it here for others too.

      My original plan was to get the printer up and running during the first days in January. But I still had a lot of work to do at ONEcanhappen — which took me the entire month to finish. I still strongly believe this really needs to be the year that revival (which is just real Christianity) has to happen in case next year does turn out to be a great challenge. Some good things have happened and some bad. I can only do what I can do. But there is one other person who is really helping — and who also has the same goal. I’ve been attending the Bible school meetings, even during these busy last few weeks.

      So I got the 200 pound printer ready to go, and then it couldn’t read the green ink cartridge. And I shared with you how Epson sent someone up from San Diego just to fix my printer. Mark was great, but that set me back almost a week. Yikes! I had no idea they didn’t have a local repairman in Anchorage; though, they have a dealer. What a shock!

      And then I’ve had software issues, often on weekends, when the support is closed.

      And then the framer and I thought we had more time.

      But everyone has been so nice — and encouraging of my work too.

      By the end of the week I should have all of the images up, which will probably be about 14 in number, of which about 9 are 24 x 36. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hang one from the ceiling — a Redwood canopy photo that I shot straight up after dark, light-painting the giants with a halogen light.

      I spent about 20 hours working in my digital darkroom on the fall colors, Eagle River Road shot, which everyone likes. And the flower shots are happening. The smiling orchid (with the nose) really worked out. The Lewisia is also rocking. But i spent about 2 days on the lavatera, and I’m just not happy with it. So it’s on the shelf for now. The images that look best on the screen sometimes are challenges when printed on photo paper, especially when whites are involved, because though there are 10 inks, none are white.

      So I’ll let everyone know when all of the prints are up. Should be soon. Maybe we could even drive out there together. I could give you a personal tour.

      Even though this month has been really hectic, and at some times outright scary (I forgot what that felt like) — it’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm for and acceptance of my work. I think it will really make many people happy! … which makes me happy!

      God bless!

      Jeff : )

    • Jeff Fenske

      Jitters Update

      I may post on this site a few photos taken of my prints at Jitters soon. All of the really big (24 x 36 inches) photos are up except for the 5th Ave. Mall Sky Bridge.

      Although, “Lady” won’t be up till next week (slightly smaller at 16 x 24 inches).

      “Midnight Canopy” is hanging from the ceiling and on the wall.

      I’m also planning on hanging next week “Wings” — hummingbird in motion — and “Fire” close-up of a flower that looks like flames…. Both of those will be my tiniest, probably 11 x 16.

      Today, I’m just now contemplating putting up “After the Fog,” the shot of the NWA freighter taking off; though, it wouldn’t be for sale. If this happens, it would be in a few weeks. Dennis, the owner of Jitters is out of town right now. I would have to mount it above the current photos.

      I may hang another Redwood canopy shot. This would be a daylight HDR shot, if the image turns out considering the various degrees of lens flare in the series of shots.

      God bless!


  2. Rich

    Hey Jeff,

    Good to hear from you. Sherry U. and I were just talking of you this morning!! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to stop in but I will soon. The baby has been sick plus we are going on vacation in about 12 days time. I might wait until the end of the month when you have everything up!!

    Be Well,,


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