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Crème Brulée at Costco

It may not be a new item, but I haven’t seen it before. My guess is that it’s new to Anchorage.

I found the Marie Morin crème brûlée in an end-cap of the shelved refrigerator unit near the specialty cheese case, in the meat section at the Dimond location.

A writer states:

Not only are the crème brûlée desserts themselves wonderfully delectable but the individual servings come in a cute little glass dish. The cups are easy to prepare in either the microwave or under the broiler in just minutes and are delightfully tasty. Or you can go the more traditional route and use a chef torch.

We get 6 cups for $10, which is reasonable considering the incredible flavor and what just one would cost in a restaurant, if they had something this good (I’ve never had a desert this good in a restaurant, but then I don’t eat out much, and when I do I rarely order deserts). And if we were to make our own, the video below shows what is required. Marie Morin must use a very high quality vanilla, because one of these with a home-brewed espresso really hits the spot.

Also, I’m tossing the caramel sugar packets, which probably have no food value, so they really don’t need to be cooked at all (purpose was to melt the sugar). And yes, I do believe this desert does have significant food value. Vanilla of this quality is very healthy, and we also need saturated fats. See link: Why people pig out on ice cream — Craving naturally SATURATED fats that they told us are unhealthy

Highly recommended.

If we were to make our own:



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  1. Anonymous

    They used to carry these at my neighborhood Costco, but they sold out & they are not being re-ordered I’ve been told. So dissapointing!

  2. Anonymous

    These wonderful items were sold in our Seattle, Wa Costcos and now are not being re-ordered here. What a shame.

  3. John

    I know this is a weird question, but what is the temperature that you use to melt the sugar in the oven?? 350 or 400?

    • Actually, I throw the packets of sugar away to minimize sugar intake, and eat it right out of the jar.

      Also, since I’ve been eating more eggs, sometimes six a day, I don’t find crème brulée as delightful as I once did. I posted this in 2010.

      Dr. Joel Wallach is big on eating plenty of eggs for optimum health.

      The real vanilla in crème brulée is probably also a key lusciousness ingredient that has many health benefits.

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