The main thing I learned from Rich, who has an incredibly high standard of wellness, is that the medical establishment that reigns in America, big pharma, hardly has a clue as to the underlying causes of illness and how to reverse them. Germany is far more advanced in this area. But we don’t have freedom of medicine written into our Constitution, and the love of money runs big pharma, and they try to suppress everything else.

So the revelation to me is that when we pray for people to get healed, God knows what needs to be done and we often really don’t. So it’s important to pray, realizing this, praying that God will do whatever needs to be done — not limiting what needs to be done through our limited understanding, mentally hogtied by big pharma, who act like they know much more than they really do — and who actively suppress real medical truth.

And of course, there is also the demonic factor, which is another subject. I’m talking about natural forces here, which is what Rich deals with.

I expect that when revival comes, The Third Great Awakening, that many will walk in total, soaring, 100% health: ONEcanhappen!


Mom and Rich Newman, D.C.