These were the two main instructors at the class I just attended at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, The Fine Art of Digital Printing:

John Paul Caponigro and R. Mac Holbert.

[youtube=]Fine Art Workflow

johnpaulcaponigro | April 02, 2010

Make sure you get the best quality from your files, every time with an optimal workflow.
A Fine Art Workflow is different than a high productivity workflow. You should be able to choose either one.

A Fine Art Workflow is precise. Process your files for optimum results.

A Fine Art Workflow is fast. Standardization can lead to higher quality.

A Fine Art Workflow is flexible. Know why and when to make exceptions.

A Fine Art Workflow is modifiable / non-destructive. When your vision evolves your files should be able to evolve with you – easily.

Learn all the ins and outs of a Fine Art Workflow in this content packed DVD.