Yesterday, I was again thinking about how to photograph the Chugach Mountains that so wonderfully grace Anchorage, and I believe I heard: “The city of Love.”

I think God is telling us what to expect when ONE happens (Jesus’ heartcry for His people in John 17 — what ONEcanhappen is about).

This reminds me of the Welsh Revival where the miners had to retrain the mules because:

Glimpses #180: Evan Roberts and the Welsh Revival; Christian History Institute

Employers tell me that the quality of the work the miners are putting in has improved. Waste is less, men to go their daily toil with a new spirit of gladness in their labour. In the long dim galleries of the mine, where once the hauliers swore at their ponies in Welshified English terms of blasphemy, there is now but to be heard the haunting melody of the Revival music. The pit ponies, like the American mules, having been driven by oaths and curses since they first bore the yoke, are being retrained to do their work without the incentive of profanity.

I expect a permanent Welsh revival, a permanent Asbury revival — when we all get right with each other in Christ Jesus Who is then our Lord.

It’s up to us. If we build it He will come.

We can do it!