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Don and God-beams


ADN Photos: Windy day in Anchorage




  1. Rich

    It “almost” looks HDR…. ALMOST!!

    • Jeff Fenske


      Keen observation! I was thinking this very thing especially with this photo: The Arch — Pinpointing Flattop (the men-working foreground). I was thinking that maybe I overdid it, but I think it worked if the emphasis is on the men working. But the Arch shot could have been interpreted totally differently had I not opened up the shadows so much in the foreground, putting more of the emphasis on the pumper and the mountains.

      Both of these are actually just single, RAW, LX5 photos. I actually underexposed this one some to not blow out the bright parts of the sky as much, and then brought out the less exposed areas with Viveza.

      It would have been interesting to see what HDR could have done here. But it would have blurred Don to the point that the forklift might not even have looked like a forklift.

      After Don was out of the photo, I underexposed some shots even more, and the sky was still blown out. The only way to even take a HDR photo without blowing out the sky at all would be to shoot the most underexposed shot in manual. The LX5 has a full 3-stops dialable underexposure compensation (1 stop more than the G11. Maybe the G12 and S95 also have this feature). Adding especially a -3 stop shot to this would have greatly enhanced the image, I think, but then Don would have been out of the scene.

      I’m still looking to get more dynamic range and detail out of especially a compact camera. Here is an interesting rumor:, but this is more than a year from now. I’m kind of frustrated in the meantime.

      Something like an E-P3 is what I need a 4/3rds with in-the-body stabilization, because I shoot almost everything with compact cameras hand-held.


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