Wow, did I have a cool dream this morning!

I was in a white, narrow, barren hallway, unable to get out. It felt like I was imprisoned with others, stuck in this hopeless hallway.

There was an exit right behind me, a window, but it would normally be suicide to try to escape from it, as it was skyscraper-high above the ground.

Then this super confident guy came along. He asked me something about if I was sure I wanted to go out. Then he walked right by me, and out the window he went, humming overcoming phrases that I could clearly hear in the dream.

Right after the dream ended, I was already positive this was a dream from God that I needed to record. I tried to repeat the important ideas so I wouldn’t forget it, and so I could exercise my mind enough to fully wake myself up.

I think I remembered all of the important parts, except I forgot the words that he was singing, which I really regret. You’d probably be able to read them here had I just forced myself awake all at once, instead of doing the trying to remember thing while only half awake.

The overcoming, impossible-to-me thing that he did was to go out of the window without fear and grab a hanging something, and seemed to swing like Tarzan toward another to wherever he was going. There is no doubt in my mind that he would get there because there was no doubt in his mind. He was an in-God, full-of-faith-to-do-whatever, 100% confident man.

His forward momentum was unstoppable, yet he wasn’t power-over. He was relaxed and happy within. He exuded confidence, apparently fully believing that anything God called him to do God would enable him to do.

About what he was singing. I remember it wasn’t exactly positive confession, working it up: “I can do this.” “I won’t fall.” It also wasn’t flat-out, direct worship. It’s possible that it was a joy in the journey thing. He definitely was joyful and free, but I just can’t specifically recall what he was singing.

He was definitely fully in the faith zone — so alive, confident, no fear, full of joy and free!