The Bulk

Our equivalent to the Russian Front


The Bulk — Uphill View —
where the very back of the aircraft radically slopes up
so it won’t hit the runway during rotation on take-off

Area 51 (compartment 51) is on the right

From this super wide-angle view, the ceiling looks a lot higher than it really is.
At the end, it’s only a few feet high.
I work the entire bin on my knees.

Imagine stacking up-to 120 pound boxes of fish by hand,
coated with wax — so the boxes slide and we slide —
on wax coated aluminum,
slip-sliding away …

The Bulk — Downhill View

Incidentally, our guys* loaded so much fish into bulk during Cargo’s Last Stand that the rubber belts of our belt loaders got so coated by wax from the fish boxes that even the non-wax-coated boxes often slid right down the belt during onload and offload.

*I can say guys, literally, because rarely did the ladies get assigned to bulk, but some of the leads didn’t honor some of the older guys in the same way.

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