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Captain’s View



Cockpit – 747F

Looking straight south from F-2

2nd Officer’s View

Captain’s View

Captain’s View • B & W

In memory of the first NWA 747F flights – early ’70s*

*If anyone has an exact year, I’ll post it


In the Engine: Shaun White?!!


Lots more photos to come you all …


  1. Maxine

    Both cabin shots are great and I like them a LOT!!. What have you been up to, I haven’t been neglecting you, just busy at work and not much shooting.

    • Jeff Fenske


      I’ve been parking the 5D2, lately. I don’t get inspired by much in winter. I like color, as we’re a color deficient lot, here in the greatland. The human body needs color, a scientific fact.

      But I have to say that Elizabeth Carmel does a great job in the Sierras with the green evergreens, their lovely brown trunks and the snow. I’m still very impressed with her work. Michael Reichmann wrote a really interesting little article on dynamic range and 35mm verses medium format here: Medium format has actually almost twice the DR as does 35mm!!! Wow! The reviews cook the books by claiming that 35mm is similar in DR. There needs to be a lot more discussion on DR. I’d rather do it in the camera than resort to the HDR technique, which won’t often work, anyway.

      Well, after cargo’s last stand did occur, I took a break to focus more on my spiritual site, ONEcanhappen. A revival is still going on in Kansas City, which I’m very interested in. It’s giving the groups that aren’t having a revival a run for the money. This is really stirring up the pot, which needs stirring up!

      I love this kind of thing, and have thrown in my two cents. I will be so happy when ‘ONE’ happens (Jesus’ heart-cry for us in John 17), but I don’t think ‘ONE’ will happen until we get our salvation doctrine to be actually biblical. And so I’m now offering $1,500 to anyone who can prove that my theory is not biblically sound:

      So if your pastor could use some extra cash, present to him this challenge. It should be easy to win the pot since what I’m proposing is totally different than what he and almost every pastor in America teaches.

      But regarding photography, I feel like I’m finally really getting a feel for Lightroom. And I just got the NIk software suite, which should work great for the flowers, but this will be another learning software learning curve…. I really, really don’t like learning software programs, but I do like using them once I have.

      My goal is to finish the Cargo’s Last Stand project, and then perhaps I can start working with the flowers and the other fine-art images. And I still have to get my printer going before the summer shooting possibilities emerge.

      Hardly anyone seems interested in reading my “Let Us Be ONE” prophecy, which is totally cutting edge. It’s just a shame. There are probably other ways to create interest, but I think my flower images, especially can help. There is just so much to do and America is falling so fast — and most people are just not ready spiritually. But I will be so happy when we finally are!

      It’s lonely in the meantime. I get dissed by the churches because they don’t want to be told what to do. They want to act like everything’s okay. And those who have left the church don’t like how I am so convinced that real Christianity will work excellently at the large group level once we get our doctrines straight.

      So although photography is a passion for me, and a great, positive diversion, a real, spiritual revival is my number one heart’s desire. When that happens, everything will be okay. Life won’t be so doggy dog.

      America is just the pit, right now. We need to live way above the cesspool, which is what normal Christianity will accomplish, once it happens at a group level and God shows up.

      This is what we all want. “If we build it He will come.”

      Does that sound freaky or what? But it’s all in ‘Acts.’

      “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” When we’re all in Christ, literally, our hearts will smile 24/7.


      Power to the peaceful!

      Jeff : )

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