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‘Snowrise’ : Reverse-Waterfall



Snow • rise — the opposite of a water • fall

Camera captures the beauty of the upward intake
of about 8 inches of fresh, unplowed, light powder snow


Job Lifter


Bonsai Master


  1. Maxine

    Well proves that even on the job, if the eyes are on the look out, another spectacular shot in my eyes. GREEEEAAAAT.

    • Jeff Fenske


      Thanks for the encouragement, oh Ms. Keen Eyes!!

      I was really excited after being able to capture that shot. I have seen this occur before, but rarely, and not recently at all. This was my only chance during this entire winter. And perhaps this was my last chance ever!

      After the end of this month, I may never park another plane. And it’s so rare that planes taxi in 8 inches of fresh and extremely light powder. Usually the ramp is plowed, for one, and this was probably the lightest powder we got all winter. And I was assigned to park the flight.

      I had a few things working for me. I had the G11 set correctly, exposurewise, because I was just minutes before two gates over shooting the Boeing Dreamlifter.

      And I have to thank the convenience of how rapidly the G11 can be pulled out of the pocket and shot, as well as its 140mm lens that reaches out and touches somebody. The 105mm on the S90 really isn’t long enough for shots like this. If they could design a 24-200mm in high quality…? Mmmmmm! A 200mm lens would have been even better.

      Jeff : )

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