Boeing’s major outsourcing statement — the Boeing Dreamlifter.

This one plane shows to what great length American corporations are willing to go in order to make the term, “made in America” obsolete.

The American Dream Stealer was partially designed in Moscow and Spain, and assembled in Taiwan, so the largest 787 parts can now be made in Japan and Italy, whose wages are probably not significantly different than U.S. wages, anyway. What’s up?

Imagine the cost and time needed to design this bizarre aircraft, which is among the ugliest ever. It’s not as if Seattle couldn’t have used the jobs.

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Hair Net

or Blue Bonnet?

From: Wikipedia

The Boeing 747 Large Cargo Freighter (LCF), Dreamlifter, is a wide-body cargo aircraft. Constructed by drastic modifications to an existing Boeing 747-400, the Dreamlifter is used exclusively for transporting aircraft parts to Boeing from suppliers around the world.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes announced on October 13, 2003 that due to the length of time required by marine shipping, air transport will be the primary method of transporting parts for the 787 (then known as the 7E7). Three used passenger 747-400 aircraft were to be converted into an outsize configuration in order to ferry sub-assemblies from Japan and Italy to Charleston, South Carolina and then to Everett, Washington for final assembly. The Large Cargo Freighter has a bulging fuselage similar in concept to the Super Guppy and Airbus A300-600ST Beluga outsize cargo aircraft, which are also used for transporting wings and fuselage sections. It can hold three times the volume of a 747-400F freighter.

The LCF conversion was partially designed by Boeing’s Moscow bureau and Boeing Rocketdyne with the swing tail designed in partnership with Gamesa Aeronautica of Spain. Modification is being carried out in Taiwan ….


Pink salmon are much less nutritious and tasty than kings, reds or silvers.


humpback  salmon


a pink salmon inhabiting North Pacific waters:
so-called because of the hump that appears
behind the head of the male when it is ready for spawning
[when corporations are ready for dream stealing – ed.]

Dream Stealer

America’s getting jacked!

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