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Parking the Big Boy


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Pete signals James, who signals the captain






  1. Dr. Rich

    Great photos Jeff!! I’ve always loved airplanes and often wished that I done something that involves airplanes. Maybe if this healthcare reform passes….

    But I do have a question? How come everybody else is always working and your always the one taking pictures? 😉

  2. Jeff Fenske

    Dr. Rich,

    I used to think a real, spiritual revival would be a threat to the healing arts because so many would be freed up from whatever makes them sick, and the outright miracles that would cure all kinds of ailments. It wouldn’t be so bad to be put out of work that way.

    But now I’m beginning to see that the spiritual revival may be the only option left if Obama’s health care plan will only recognize big pharma.

    As to your question, I know you’re mainly joking around, but I do have an answer. It’s rare that I’ll leave my post to get a shot, and only if the work is covered. I’m not even taking that many photos, actually. But the main thing is that all of us know there are only a few more months left to get these shots. Then its all over.

    The moments are fleeting before we lose the fleet. It’s a sad moment for us all, but a great privilege to capture some of these final moments with my little G10.

    Regardless of what happens, may we always soar in our hearts forever!

    Jeff : )

  3. Dr. Rich

    Yes Jeff I was kidding ya!! I’m actually envious that your in the position to get such good pictures!!

    The chiropractic philosophy is quite spiritual in and of itself. The human body will heal itself if its given a chance. (The innate ability of the body to heal itself) What happens is that there is nerve interference preventing the body from healing itself, (we often become disconnected from our body in a since) What chiropractors do is to remove the nerve interference in the body so that innate ability can do its job. 🙂

    As long as there is stress in this world (chemical, physical and emotional) people will have nerve interference. Over the course of my 11 years of practice I have heard so many people stand up say that they feel grounded, they feel the “energy” flow again. Its such a great experience to be able to help people acquire that again. My pastor is a firm believer that there is a huge connection with what chiropractic offers and how it helps to …. ground people, get that innate energy flowing again. Many times in his career when he has been counseling people he has suggested that chiropractic care.

    Be Well,


  4. Jeff Fenske


    I agree with you totally, and you know at least in part how much you and S have helped me. And I’ve referred people to S (I need to respect S’ privacy), and now you….

    I’ve discussed this S quite a bit. Where does the emotional stress mainly come from, which can tighten certain muscles, organs, interfere with body chemistry, etc.?

    Certainly, many people have been injured physically, or have some other obviously natural reason for requiring adjustment. This would require a supernatural healing miracle to fix, which has often happened, and definitely could happen again when ‘ONE’ happens (what I talk about at ‘ONE’canhappen).

    But what I’m mainly referring to here is when people really do fully forgive, then the negative spiritual forces don’t have a right to affect people’s body and emotions (Mt. 18, etc.), which cause all kinds of sicknesses [S even saw this firsthand once]. Lots of research has been done recently confirming what specifically happens in a person’s body and chemistry when they forgive. But still hardly anyone is getting TOTALLY free.

    Many are to a significant degree though. I link to Art Mathias’ Wellspring Ministries at ONEcanhappen. These guys and ladies are on the forefront of this in Anchorage. And I’ve been through counseling in this manner, but…

    This is a key reason I decided to start this personal blog, because I want to be publicly accountable to forgive everyone, everywhere, all the time from my ENTIRE HEART. ToBeFree!

    I’ve been studying this forgiving others thing for 20+ years, and I think it’s the hardest thing in Christianity to COMPLETELY do. Many people think they’re succeeding, but I have yet to meet someone whom I know fully is. I had a dream about a group of people here in Anchorage who fully were though, and I was in their midst, putting my container together in the back of the room, and then…. I’ll share this publicly someday.

    Yesterday was going to be the day that I was finally going to do my first personal post on forgiving, what I said I would do in the very first post on this site. I was really going to do it yesterday. The main thing is that I do it soon, To Be Free.

    And by the way, it seems the more a person stands up for what is right the more one gets cursed (James 3) — and the more one really knows he or she needs freedom. Many people like to stay under the radar. I’ve never been too good at that. And the WWII bombers said they would always know when they were over the target when they caught a lot of flack.

    What is going to be really fun is when those who are currently giving the flack also learn how to fully forgive and NO HATE becomes a reality for the cursers and those cursed.

    Even though the comfortable rug is being pulled out from under us right now, polito-socially, the best days spiritually (measured by the Joy-O-Meter) may be right around the corner.

    Like William Wallace (Mel Gibson) said: “They may take our wives, but they’ll never take our freedom!”

    Well, I don’t have a wife for them to take, but it would be really nice if we could keep our political freedoms and be totally free spiritually too.

    But at least we can be free internally no matter what. One of my favorite movies is “The Robe,” by the way. They lost their external freedom but shined up until the very end internally! Awesome, awesome movie!!

    Power to the people!

    I had this all written, and then thought that this is an appropriate place to mention Paul Cain’s recurring dreams about Joel’s Place (named from Peter quoting Joel 2:28 in Acts during Pentecost). Unfortunately Paul wasn’t doing well spiritually the last I heard, and hopefully is doing better now. But the main thing was how well he was doing when he got the dreams.

    He dreamed decades ago that an announcer was saying on TV that all of the sporting events were canceled. Instead, the stadiums were filled with people getting prayer. There was an AIDS 2 or AIDS 3 type thing. And the people doing the praying were faceless or selfless, unselfish vessels that God was healing people through.

    If this flu becomes a real pandemic, they’ll probably cancel all air travel. No sports. Who knows what else. Maybe we’ll see this….

    Also, there is a report that a new AIDS virus has been discovered. Hmmm.

    Jeff : )

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