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First Post — New Blog — Getting More Personal (Yikes!) — Stepping Out


I’ve been wanting to give some sort of personal updates, but they never seemed to really fit within ToBeFree or ONEcanhappen. So it dawned on me: start a new blog. So here goes. It’s always awkward to start something new, and here I am stepping out of the boat, finally.

Some of you may have gathered from tidbits I shared at my other sites that I’m actually out looking for a full-time job for the first time in 30 years. The airline I’ve worked for has been bought out, and the new owners have announced (the day I got my 30-years commendation) they’re going to no longer fly 747 freighters at all. So I’m looking for work here in Anchorage.

I’m also trying to get my photography business going this year, which is very exciting for me! The economy is tanking, people aren’t buying art, and here I am moving ahead with my fine-art photography business — and I’m excited because art can inspire during tough times!!! Inspiration is my goal!

The camera that I’ve been waiting to come out for three years (Canon’s 5D Mark II) is now in my hands. And I also have what Michael Reichmann considers to possibly be the best printer in the world, just out, the Epson 7900.

I’ve been waiting — waiting — waiting, kind of like William Wallace in Braveheart: “hold — hold — hold — hold….” Technology is now finally up to the task. This camera and printer are capable of producing detailed, stunning images with gorgeous, lifelike color (very important to me!) as big as 24 x 36, or even panoramas as big as 24 x 72.

I’ve also discovered a way to mount the archival quality, high gloss prints without needing a traditional frame, matting and the light reducing glass covering. I understand that not everyone can afford dedicated halogen lighting to light a print [though lights will still enhance the images]. And the less reflective museum glass is not only expensive, but it’s almost impossible to clean.

Not having a mat and frame also takes less wall space. So the images can be bigger; the colors can more fully liven up the room. And some prints may be available in the canvas, Giclée style. In particular, the flowers may work well in this format.

I’m not ready yet to sell any of my work, but it’s now around the corner. I’ll give updates here, as well as on my photo blog that I plan to soon put up. So far, the plan is to put some images on this blog, and put my more artsy photos on the photo blog.

People have been suggesting that I put up some of my photos on the web, and it will be a good marketing tool, but one of the main reasons I want to do a photo blog is to be accountable. It’s one more incentive to get out there and get ‘er done. I got the idea from Imogen Heap. She’s a very artistic musician and is also single, and decided to do a video blog largely to be accountable to her fans. I don’t have a lot of fans at this point, but I appreciate all of you who are! And it’s great to know you are watching and wishing me well. I appreciate that very much!!! I get a lot of negative vibes from people, and the positive is so nice for a change. I’ve been fighting a good fight, trying to bring peace and love; though, the main current is powerfully going the other way. But all of us can be bright lights no matter what comes down!

I’ve been really working specifically on forgiving others for decades now. I’m learning to wish everyone well, no matter how they treat me, or their attitude. Forgiving everyone no matter what is a major theme at ToBeFree and ONEcanhappen. Freedom to me is freedom to walk in love: no hate or resentment no matter what. It’s freedom to be above the fray despite what we encounter. Wanting everyone to do well from my whole heart, and giving them space to wipe out, crash and burn (if they so choose) is a joyful, liberating thing. At least for me, these seem to be significant keys to freedom within. May we all get there together. I’m still not fully there all of the time, but am there more often, and I’m doing this blog in part to be accountable to the people. More on this, later.

Photography, right now, is my biggest escape — where I can think about things that are excellent and praiseworthy, wanting to bless people in this way — while waiting for ONE to happen.

I love photography because I seek out images that can inspire people to marvel at what is exceptional, what is way beyond the yuck that we see in front of us. Photographer, Dewitt Jones’ goal is to celebrate what’s right with the world. God is awesome, and there is so much to photograph that shows magnificence! I hope that what I have the privilege of producing will inspire many. If it’s not what I consider excellent I’m not interested in selling it. So I’m not going to promise that I’ll have prints available in early summer. I hope to, but I want people to go: “Wow!!!” And I don’t have a lot of geek in me to learn easily how to translate dynamically what’s in the camera through the computer and to the print. Once I figure something out, I’m okay (like my blogs), but it’s that steep, intimidating learning curve…. It would be nice to have a partner.

I’ve been studying many thousands of hours: reading, looking at what others have done, listening to interviews, taking workshops, trying this and that, getting my gear dialed in, and  scouting. There is even joy in this investigative journey for me (except for the computer geek part). But I think the biggest joy is yet to come, when people can be inspired by my work. I’m excited to see people’s hearts leap!!!

This life is so short, and no matter what lies ahead, we can always look up and smell the roses, because they are glorious! God can totally be trusted, and may my work reflect His glory. There are no disappointments with Him; though, in this sin-scarred earth, His goodness isn’t always easily seen. [I have a category at ONEcanhappen, called God’s Love Revealed].

Speaking of roses, I plan to shoot many wildflowers. But most of our wildflowers in Alaska are tiny (fireweed and lupine are the main exceptions), and their glory is waiting to be revealed. And I’m adapting techniques to be able to do it in a way that seems to not just touch my heart…, having had some success with my XSi last year.

At least for now, I don’t plan on traveling around the state much, looking for the BIG landscapes. I’d love to someday, if I had the means, but there is a lot to shoot in this location. Anchorage is flanked by the Chugach Mountains, the Cook Inlet (the Pacific Ocean) and Turnagain Arm (a fjord). We have glaciers nearby; and Girdwood is somewhat of a rainforest.

Also, I really do believe Anchorage will experience a great spiritual revival. It’s a beautiful city. I love to shoot images of it, knowing that someday this city may indeed inspire many throughout the world!!!

Whatever happens jobwise for me, I plan on staying in Anchorage. Its winters are long (gotta take vitamin D), but its summers are grand. I absolutely love the mountains, and I think this is the best place to be for the calamity that’s coming. I’m thankful that it’s taking its time. And may we have joy in the journey no matter what—together!!!!!!! ONEcanhappen!!!

It’s not that hard for a group of people somewhere to actually be right with God and right with all people (clear consciences) >>> and then the heavens come down, like a permanent Asbury Revival. It’s all right in front of us in plain sight, but it’s like we’re under a spell, literally, to believe without question what we have been taught as being right. How could so many church leaders have gotten it wrong?

Well, how about starting with Luther, if you want to take the red pill, stay in Wonderland, and really see how deep the rabbit hole goes? : )

History has been intentionally altered to bring about a false religion and a one-world government. For example, put this one between your gum and your cheek: Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations INTENTIONALLY ALTERED AMERICAN HISTORY in Order to Merge America Into a Monopoly They Control. And even some of Luther’s writings were sanitized to maintain the myth. Here is an example; and look at some of my other Luther-posts it links to. Growing up, I was deceived!! Yuck!

Thank you, God, that You are helping us find the truth! May we be free to live in reality, so we can be ONE with you and ONE with each other! And that’s what my site, ONEcanhappen is all about. Jesus prayed that we’d be ONE in Him. And most people throughout the ages have settled for something less, often tragically less.

It’s amazing to me that people trust other people to tell them what the Bible says about who goes to heaven — that they don’t investigate carefully the most important issue for themselves, like Paul said about the Bereans, who were more noble, because they checked in the Scriptures to make sure that what Paul said was true. Shouldn’t we all be Bereans, more noble and sure; therefore, together — ONE!

I ask you to do this. I posted this in January of 2008: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way. With hardly any commentary, I show from the texts themselves what the Holy-Spirit-through-men really said, how what most of us have been taught is a formula that doesn’t exist anywhere in Scripture. But we’ve heard it so many times, on ‘Christian’ radio, TV, vacation Bible school, home group, in ‘churches,’ in seminaries: ~”we’re not really righteous but we really are.” Are we, really? What does the Bible say.

In seminary, we were taught from books what the Bible says, and it’s amazing what Scriptures were left out in these theology books — anything that wouldn’t fit into the formula — the formula that is destroying America!

For 1.4 years, hundreds of people have read my Who-Goes-To-Heaven… article, and no one has been able to refute it (its comments are unedited). I believe this is because it’s irrefutable. It’s cogent, sound doctrine — what we can take to the bank. “This is the way the Bible was meant to be read.”

The Holy Spirit, not systematic theology books will lead us into all truth. I think I appeared to some ‘professors’ [didn’t Jesus say something about not calling men “teachers,” “father” (as in the Catholic ‘church’), or “Doctor So and So?” — this has always bothered me. “Knowledge puffs up,” Paul said] as kind of a reverse-student, for I was into the truth no matter what. I would raise my hand when it tasted like Kool Aid instead of the pure Word of God.

I’m actually partly stuck in writing a follow-up to this comment; though, I still plan to get ‘er done. The comment I’m responding to reminds me of the sidewalk at seminary. There was a lot of pressure to conform, and love was often conditional upon conforming. And those of us who wouldn’t take the Kool Aid as gospel got the cold shoulder and worse. We were the enemy. And the second time I attended seminary, I felt like I was almost all alone, except for a few friends, because the Vineyard holiness revival had come and gone.

This seminary was strong at teaching what I think is just pure blasphemy, saying that it gives God more glory when He is seen as totally sovereign — deciding who goes to heaven and who…. I mean like yikes, to me this is the most deplorable thing!! To accuse God of being a puppeteer. This was way beyond Lutheranism, and it turns my stomach just thinking about it. And I’ve just had to take a break from answering that one person’s comment, because I just think the whole idea is so deplorable to put the blame on God instead of accepting our own responsibility that He so clearly has given, wanting and wishing from His whole heart that we would all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth — not wanting even one to fall into the pit — leaving the 99 to help the one who fell in to get out.

This is Jesus’ heart — to restore — that all of us would win. But seminary is like a black hole that attempts to suck life out of all of the students until they get with the program. Like boot-camp is to the military. I believe both of these institutions use reverse-prayers (curses) to get attendees to carry out the orders. I have many posts about people cursing people at both sites: People Cursing People at ToBeFree and ‘Christians’ Cursing People at ONEcanhappen. “How can this be,” James-3 says. But it is. This is how they do it.

In the military, most people don’t come into boot camp ready to kill. They need to be demonized, especially for when the wars aren’t just. And too many students come into seminary with a genuine smile, with good intentions: love is more important than getting ‘A’s in Greek. And too many leave thinking that knowing Greek is more important than loving everyone as much as we love ourselves [Greek should be abolished as a requirement, by the way]. Some actually enter seminary knowing the Savior, and leave just knowing a formula. “They’re no earthly good.” The Holy Spirit: who is He?

These are mind-control institutions in which attendees are awarded for going along with the system right or wrong. I’m convinced it’s now too late to save America from what’s coming, but….

We can rise up spiritually no matter what and smell the roses — walking tall, loving everyone regardless what they do to us. We can walk free,  overcoming together — one love!!!


From the bottom of my heart,

Jeff Fenske : )

P.S. Any questions? Comments? Even critisisms?

I really very much do appreciate comments, even most of the negative ones. Dialogue is good. And just like my other sites, I’m setting this up so there is no requirement to register with any info, no matter who you are, unless you’d like to.

Also, here is my email address:


God bless you all!!! This should be a fun ride!




  1. Anonymous

    Jeff, the plane photos at sunset are awesome. Maybe you could make some of them into poster size…..????????

  2. Jeff Fenske

    Thank you for your comment, and thank you for breaking the ice, being the first to comment on this site!

    These shots could easily be printed that large, in that they are not cropped and are shot with the 22MP Canon 5D2.

    However, I don’t know if I would be able to sell them legally. There is an exception for what is considered ‘art,’ but I have yet to see the fine points of the law on this. Until I find out for sure that it’s okay, I’ll probably not try to market even the more artsy of these “NWA Cargo’s Last Stand” photos. But if someone knows the scoop, I’m all ears.

    Incidentally, I shot a similar photo to this a few years back with a Canon SD-800 ELPH. The sky was prettier, and I love that photo, but it’s impossible to print an ELPH photo big. This was an attempt to capture this same shot with much higher rez. I also used a polarizer with this one, so the degree of reflections vary, depending how much I turned it. And most of the shots don’t include the 747 taking off in the background.

    I liked this version, though, because it reminds me of the end of these planes flying, with business flying away via other cargo planes — as these workhorses will be forever away. The title is subject to change, though.

    I like to shoot this plane, because it has the classic Northwest Airlines Cargo paint scheme. I’m not sure, but I think all of the others are painted white.

    God bless!

    Jeff Fenske

  3. About the coming revival; One sister has heard that revival will begin THIS MONTH, starting in Hawaii, spreading to the Pacific Northwest, and eventually, around the world!
    She’s Roseby Foss, from Astoria, Oregon. She’ll be speaking in Portland early August, and Aug. 8 in our fellowhip.

  4. igoslo

    The photos are great and its nice to read your comments and read updates about your future plans. Good luck and please post more photos!

  5. Jeff Fenske


    Great to hear from you again!

    Igoslo myself — too slow. I really appreciate the encouragement to get more photos online.

    Also, I’ve recently thought of the idea to place my art photos into my “Let Us Be One” prophecy. I’ll make an announcement when this happens. Also, I need to finally write the commentary for it. I think people will be more apt to read it when I bring it into perspective and beautify it with art that sings.

    Jeff Fenske

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