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I thought I’d post a photo from my recent trip to California and Oregon.


This one is so cool! What a riot!

God bless!

Jeff : )

_MG_1979 - 550pt no sat

_MG_1979 - 550pt no sat

_MG_1979 - 550pt no sat

Notice how small his foot is. I took this with the widest possible, non-fish-eye lens (Sigma 12-24mm at 12mm on a Canon 5D Mark II), which gives this perspective. His face and paws are very close to the lens. And that’s my foot at the bottom of the image. May 5, 2009

First Post — New Blog — Getting More Personal (Yikes!) — Stepping Out


I’ve been wanting to give some sort of personal updates, but they never seemed to really fit within ToBeFree or ONEcanhappen. So it dawned on me: start a new blog. So here goes. It’s always awkward to start something new, and here I am stepping out of the boat, finally.

Some of you may have gathered from tidbits I shared at my other sites that I’m actually out looking for a full-time job for the first time in 30 years. The airline I’ve worked for has been bought out, and the new owners have announced (the day I got my 30-years commendation) they’re going to no longer fly 747 freighters at all. So I’m looking for work here in Anchorage.

I’m also trying to get my photography business going this year, which is very exciting for me! The economy is tanking, people aren’t buying art, and here I am moving ahead with my fine-art photography business — and I’m excited because art can inspire during tough times!!! Inspiration is my goal! Continue reading “First Post — New Blog — Getting More Personal (Yikes!) — Stepping Out”