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Goodbye to NWA Party (2008)

© Jeff Fenske

Kelly, Al, Don & Harry

They called themselves the Non-Revs, or something like that,
playing at Harry’s Goodbye to NWA party

Our Resident Eaglet

We have a bald eagle who oversees our NWA cargo operation every single day, here in Anchorage, Alaska. How blessed are we!

She (I think it’s the mom) is sitting on her craggy perch, just behind me as I’m photographing her chick. I’ll post photos of her, later.

The Delta 757 just happened to be the plane coming — seriously. Delta is our new owner who is phasing out our entire 747 freighter operation this year.


July 10, 2009

This baby eagle was situated to be able to see some of our cargo operation.

I should mention that I did not Photoshop in Delta’s 757.

Nesting: The Start of Something Beautiful!

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