Student: Master, I have gathered these for you.

Po: Why?
Student: Because they are the most perfect flowers of all, as you are the most perfect master.
Po: I cannot accept them. (Pause) Grasshopper. Were you not preparing me a gift of great beauty?
Young KCC: I was master.
Po: What has become of it?
Young KCC: You do not want flowers.
Po: Have you no love for me?
Young KCC: I have only love for you.
Po: The other boy does not. His was a gift without love. It was false.
Young KCC: I feared you would not accept them. I feared that I would be hurt.
Po: And now, have you not lost the joy we might have shared.

• • •

Kung Fu – False Love – The Gunman – David Carradine

Published on Oct 11, 2012

I don’t own this. No copyright infringement intended. I like this scene and lesson. One of my favorite episodes.