This is a good example of knowing the music is from a pure, almost certainly Christian heart without even knowing the man at all.

I first heard this song on Pandora’s Ryan Stewart channel, and wow! I knew I needed to post it on my spiritual site, not just ToBeFree, before finding out that John Fluker’s background is Christian.

Some people say “don’t listen to New Age music,” because of the New Age spiritual connotations. But it mainly means ambient music, some of which is performed by some of the purest hearts in the business. Music like this can’t be created and performed by someone who isn’t resting inside.

Conversely, just because music says it’s Christian doesn’t mean the musicians performing the music are following Christ at all. Many ‘Christian’ musicians aren’t abiding in Christ, which is why they have no anointing. They’re luke warm, among those whom Jesus will spew out of their mouths. And this is the kind of stuff they mostly play on ‘Christian’ radio stations.

Anyone can call themselves a Christian, but only those with pure hearts can create and play music like this.

I also knew that Rhydian had something going on besides just good pipes before I heard him talk about Christ.

I actually wanted to have a low-power FM radio station here in Anchorage, many years ago when they said they were going to offer licenses to regular people. I was going to mainly play music from many different genres that I would personally select mainly from my heart. But the powers that be wouldn’t allow the proposal to go through; even though, we have all of this empty space on our FM dials in Anchorage.

So go ahead and use your spiritual senses to discern what you’re listening to. Just because they say they’re a ‘Christian’ doesn’t mean much. Test the spirits. Only those with peace in their hearts can do this, and this doesn’t have the word ‘Christian’ written all over it.

And some albums from the same musician may be more peaceful and/or anointed by the Holy Spirit as their other ones, mainly because of what is going on in them spiritually.


Jeff : )

The Sound of Peace notes from inside the CD. Transcribed by ToBeFree.

I’m forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for His eternal love and mercy. Many times I’ve felt the presence of the Holy Spirit leading me through this project and cried tears of joy. Thank you for blessing me with a loving family….

May God bless you all,

Sincerely, John Fluker

* * *

[youtube=]JOHN FLUKER~Asleep Beneath the Moon (Part 1)
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One of the most beautiful and enchanting songs by a truly blessed genius, John Fluker.

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Presenting the man, himself (1 minute)[youtube=]John Fluker and Gladys Knight Sing Duet
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Gladys Knight and music director John Fluker perform the duet “Did You Know” written by BeBe Winans on Good Morning Utah