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Victoria Jackson discusses the discoveries of Ron Wyatt — Noah’s Ark, Red Sea Crossing, Mt. Sinai

Ron Wyatt was an anesthesiologist who self-financed his archeological explorations (not “love of money” driven!) in which he found Noah’s ark, the Red Sea crossing, Mt. Sinai, Sodom and Gomorra and the ark of the covenant.

I’ve known about these discoveries for 30 years, and am baffled that three decades later, most Christians still don’t know of these findings.

Why don’t people care enough to share these videos with everyone??

Related: (video) Findings Confirming the Bible – Greatest Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of All Time: Red Sea Crossing • Noah’s Ark • Mt. Sinai • Gomorrah • Ark of the Covenant — Ron Wyatt made no money from his adventures

Mom & Me at Larry Austin’s ‘Farewell Dan Fagan’ Party 12/2022

I just posted this on Facebook.

– –

Friend in real life, Larry Austin graciously hosted this Farewell to Dan Fagan party.

I’m in the VITAMIN D SHIRT (since I called into Dan’s show talking about D), and MOM is wearing my TRUTH MATTERS shirt. Larry bought us all pizza to compel people to come. How WONDERFUL!

Larry and I have stayed in touch since. I consider those of us in Anchorage to be extremely blessed to have a real-life peacemaker as an ambassador of God operating in his gift here.

Jesus said: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

Thank you, Larry!

I WILL love you Lord with ALL my heart…

Sticky post

I WILL love you Lord
with ALL my heart
with ALL my soul
with ALL my mind
and with ALL my strength

DEAR ATHEIST, the intrinsic value of LOVE is in and of itself the absolute proof of the existence of God


I’ve posted this fact for years, but I like the way Joe says it.

Mind boggling!

“There’s a hundred billion stars in this galaxy alone. There’s hundreds of billions of galaxies in the known universe.” – Joe Rogan #2037


Our sun is an average sized star, and the hundreds of billion galaxies each have an average of 100 billion stars (suns)!

‘It’s all created from nothing; no designer — by chance’ — children are taught in public education.

The Bible:

that which is known by God is revealed in [men], for God revealed it to them. For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse. – Romans 1:18-20

People who tell you the truth are trying to free you from a prison you don’t even know you’re in

The String Cheese Incident – “Restless Wind” – Red Rocks 2016

‘Flat Earth Busted’: World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the EDGE OF SPACE (above 70,000 ft.)!

In comments, flat earthers again try to claim that a fisheye lens was used to cause the curvature, but none were fish-eye lenses.

My Comment — how we know for sure it’s NOT A FISHEYE:  At 20:24, the earth’s surface is near the middle of the lens, where fisheye lenses do NOT bend lines. All of the aircraft’s lines are straight, including the lower-right corner, where a fisheye lens would have radically bent them. Also, the earth’s horizon’s curvature is the same no matter where its placed in the frame. There are many different placements of the horizon in this video.

2:50 The plane flew above above 70,000 feet.

16:00 What it was like when Blair saw the curvature of the Earth.

Eight years of discussions. Six months of training. Two days of final preparations. Much was required to give photographer Blair Bunting two hours at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere to conduct the first-ever photo shoot at near-space where he captured images that have never been made before and will likely never be made again. Join us on this incredible adventure!

Read the PetaPixel’s detailed feature:…
More photos, videos, and stories:

Directed by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake

Video should start at 20:24

Oliver Anthony – ‘I Want To Go Home’ fiddle player reacts with fiddle!

Emotionally moving!

“They all just do what the TV say.”


Oliver Anthony w/ Jordan Peterson: THE SOLUTION is “making Jesus’ 2 greatest commandments our priority” — “There has to be something pure and honest and righteous at the top of our focus”

1:21:30 Jordan Peterson: the necessity of following our conscience

1:26:32 Chris Anthony Lunsford (Oliver Anthony) reads Matthew 22:36-39, saying:

“A Pharisee asks Jesus

“..which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

If we could learn to make those two commandments… our priority, and then base our differences below that. God is here (hands high), our love for each other here (hands lower), and then below that is try to find a way to integrate our differences in a way that everyone can live a better life. It would resolve a lot of the conflicts….”

1:49:30 Lunsford (Anthony) There has to be something pure and honest and righteous at the top of our focus, collectively to maintain that.” What Jordan Peterson just described.

– –

Jordan B. Peterson and breakout musician Chris Lunsford, better known by his stage name Oliver Anthony, discuss the balance between vision and efficiency in artistic and commercial endeavors, why Chris’ hit song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” has resonated so broadly and so quickly, the way honest expression through music can combat demoralization, how politics have become confused with the sacred, and what we can do to restore each to their proper order.

2,700 Year-old, 1/3rd Mile Hezekiah’s Tunnel in Jerusalem — I waded through it in ~1983

I don’t remember it being a formal site back then. Two Palestinian boys told me where it was. My Abbott Loop Bible teacher, John Owen told suggested I walk it, who was kind enough to let me stay with him for 10 days in Jerusalem.

The water was sometimes above my knees. Two teams dug from opposite ends, and where they met can be seen, because the alignment jags there, but not by much, which I found impressive — maybe only a foot or so (it’s been 40 years)?

2-minute video shows what it’s like now:

More Bible Proof: Excavation Reveals Steps Where Jesus Healed Blind Man 2,000 Years Ago – Pool of Siloam


Jesus healing the blind man can be read in John 9

The String Cheese Incident – “Colorado Bluebird Sky” – 11/25/2011

Woke up this morning
And the first thing I did see
Was mountains rising to the sky
On every side of me

Charles Lindbergh (~1948): “Unless science is controlled by a greater moral force, it will become the Antichrist prophesied by the early Christians”

“Unless science is controlled by a greater moral force, it will become the Antichrist prophesied by the early Christians.” – Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974)

Quoted in ‘Antiseptic Christianity’, book review of Lindbergh, Of Flight and Life in Time magazine, (6 Sep 1948)

Rick Beato: Today’s Music Really Bad? – Today’s Top 10 vs 1973 Top 10 — Monotonous Autotuned Crap vs Gold!

Rick proves the vast difference; though, I would say NONE of today’s top 10 songs are worth listening to.

Top Comment: “There is some music being made today that is fantastic. Unfortunately, you will never hear it on mainstream radio.”

“Why can’t people just sing harmonies instead of autotuning them?” – Rick Beato

Epic volcano eruption drone and still photos in Iceland — brought tears to my eyes!

I watch a lot of photography videos, which I rarely mention or post, but this one is exceptional in its grandeur — really is epic!

Mads and Sophie are from Denmark.

Michael Card & John Michael Talbot: ‘Healer of My Soul’ – Brother to Brother (1996)

Michael Card & John Michael Talbot: ‘Immanuel/Behold Now the Kingdom’ – Brother to Brother (1996)

Jesus – Our Source of REAL JOY & Strength! vs. Demon driven lust, FALSE joy sours & weakens

Jesus – Our Source of REAL JOY & Strength!
“Abide in Me … that MY JOY may remain in you,
and that YOUR JOY may be made FULL.” – John 15

(Demon driven lust, FALSE joy sours & weakens)

My President Donald Trump Dream 8/14/23

TIMING: President Trump is being hunted down by the left, and risks being jailed so he can’t even run in 2024.

SETTING: As is often the case in dreams, my car was different than in real life, and the location was unfamiliar.

THE DREAM: I was standing next to the right side of my car, parked on the street, and President Trump pulled up in a regular car, by himself (no security). He was so interested in what was in my car that he pulled up so close that his bumper almost touched mine. I warned him, so he wouldn’t hit it, and then smiled after he stopped, holding up my thumb and forefinger about 1/8 inch apart.

JOY: Jesus first > Others second > Yourself last

Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last

JOY comes when you put: Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last

JOY comes when you put
Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last

Does This PROVE the ‘Shroud of Turin’ is REAL? — Debate over the Shroud appears to be over. “This is the burial shroud of the historic Jesus of Nazareth”

Is the debate over the Shroud of Turin over? Many Christians believe it was the burial cloth of Jesus and even non-Christian scientists struggle to explain how the image of a man was imposed onto it. But some scientists have claimed that carbon dating has proven it is much younger than previously thought. However, Shroud of Turin Research Project Official Photographer Barrie Schwortz joins Glenn to explain why he’s refuting that claim. According to Schwortz, who was once a “total skeptic” of the Shroud, the carbon dating was improperly done. Instead, he believes the most plausible explanation is simple: “This is the burial shroud of the historic Jesus of Nazareth.”

Jordan Peterson: “The higher your goal, the higher your possibility for happiness; though, you have to suffer from the distance. If you don’t set a goal you’ll never be happy”

“The most unhappy people are liberal men. The next most unhappy people are liberal women.”

“The left wing tyrannical types are particularly good at manipulating guilt, which works well on conservatives, because they tend to be more conscientious.”

“People who have nothing to shoot for aren’t happy. … Happiness occurs when you see yourself moving towards a valued goal. … So the higher your goal, the higher your possibility for happiness; even though, you have to suffer from the distance. If you don’t set a goal you’ll never be happy.”

James Taylor – Wichita Lineman – Redwoods Edition

I prefer Glenn Campbell’s version, but Jimmy Webb just mentioned James Taylor recorded his song too, and this has footage of the amazing Redwoods!

I just updated & expanded: The Didache (70-100 AD): Reconciliation was required to attend early church meetings! “Let no one who is at odds with his fellow come together with you, until they be reconciled, that your sacrifice may not be profaned”

Is The Didache a blueprint for the way churches should be?

This is one of the writings of “the early Christian fathers” that I especially liked. It’s big on unity!

What if we compare The Didache to what is practiced in today’s ‘churches?’ 

But every Lord’s day gather yourselves together, and break bread, and give thanksgiving after having confessed your transgressions, that your sacrifice may be pure. But let no one who is at odds with his fellow come together with you, until they be reconciled, that your sacrifice may not be profaned.

Is there even one ‘church’ in America that requires reconciliation? How many pastors have fully reconciled so they’re qualified to lead?

The Didache mentions prophets being a common leadership ministry in the late first century church (like Ephesians 4:11). Where are they in today’s churches?

The Didache also has “the way of death” list that is similar to Paul’s “will not inherit the Kingdom” list in Galatians 5.

Read the Article

Photographing Incredible LIGHT | The California REDWOODS

“In this video, I travel down to the California redwoods and photograph some impressive trees, beautiful trees with light beams, and the odd rhododendron.” – Adam Gibbs


Lord, THANK YOU for releasing me from the bondage of sin. May you touch the hearts of other people that they may know you deeper and SURRENDER their lives to you. Amen.

“I will praise you Lord, my God with ALL my heart. I will glorify your name forever.” – David

“I will praise you Lord, my God with ALL my heart. I will glorify your name forever.”

– David in Psalm 86:12

Proof: Mt. Everest Once Underwater — Genesis Flood

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