Alaska Sam’s Club Last Stand – The 2-Hour Line — Costco Defeats Sam’s!

Waiting to get in — Sam’s Club east in Anchorage, Alaska — first day that everything was 50% off — at 5pm.

Back of the line are the people left of the trees! Inside, the register lines were another two hours — all the way to the back wall!

Mom is to the right of the corner of the building in the light blue coat, hand raised, chatting with a nurse.

Former NWA coworkers: Tommy was to the left of the flag (red hat). And I saw Don S. inside!

January 17, 2018

Olympus E-PL5

Costco Defeats Sam’s Club in Anchorage, Alaska — Closing for Good

I commented:

The only thing I’ll greatly miss from Sam’s closing is Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips, 60% cacao.

Costco doesn’t have *dark* chocolate chips; otherwise, Costco’s items are either the same or superior.
Costco also has lots of organic! Their buyers are brilliant! Costco really has their act together.

I’ve wondered for years how Sam’s could stay open, because the store was almost always nearly vacant, with only two registers open, and needed — myself only going there for a few items once in awhile.

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Alaska Sam’s Club stores among dozens nationwide to be closed by Walmart

Why Image Stabilization is Missing Inside Panasonic GH5S ?

I saw a Panasonic rep mention the heat sink reason in an interview a few years back, and my heart sank, concerned they would then forever abandon IBIS to get the best 4K video. Thankfully, they didn’t go that far.

As long as they don’t also do this on their cameras for stills, to which they need to add MULTI-ASPECT as well. PLEASE, Panasonic.

And they should promote multi-aspect harder, which they never have. Most people don’t know the great advantages, including artistic!

Multi-aspect should be in all mirrorless cameras. Sony is especially dropping the ball, keeping people stuck in 3:2. Continue reading “Why Image Stabilization is Missing Inside Panasonic GH5S ?”

(vid) Distant Shores: Transatlantic on a Catamaran Part 3

From: Distant Shores

New post! The 3rd and final episode of our video series, “Sailing Transatlantic on a Catamaran”.

In this video, we take you aboard the Bluewater 50 catamaran, Zao, on the final week of our 3,000-mile transatlantic crossing sailing from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. The crew starts having fun fishing, Paul does a boat review, Alexandra bakes more amazing desserts and we monohullers perfect downwind sailing on a cat.

Just days before landfall in St. Lucia, we learn that there has been a man-overboard on a boat sailing ahead of us and we start a watch for him and his now deserted boat.

Follow this series to see what crossing an ocean aboard a catamaran is really like.

• • •

Continue reading “(vid) Distant Shores: Transatlantic on a Catamaran Part 3”