AWESOME New Cheese at Costco! – “Smoked Sharp White Cheddar” by Tillamook


Costco has product similar to this one, called “Smoked Sharp White Cheddar.” It must be a brand new product for Tillamook, because I can’t find it on the net. It looks like this one, but is aged 9 months instead of 2 years.

Made from milk from cows NOT treated with artificial growth hormone.

WONDERFUL! Highly recommended. Really strong natural wood smoke flavor!

“Get it while you can.”

$11.49 for 2 lbs.

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Near-death experience & healing miracle! — Doctor: “Clint, you’re a medical mystery”

What a great guy!

– –

[youtube=]Clint Walker on his near-death experience – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG



(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Knows ‘What’s Important’ after NDE — “When the Voice says something to me now, I listen”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’ Complete Interview 2012

Cheyenne: “I don’t hold grudges, Miss Kirby”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Knows ‘What’s Important’ after NDE — “When the Voice says something to me now, I listen”

Clint’s heart stopped after a skiing accident when his ski pole punctured his heart. The still, small Voice had warned him….

– –

“I should have paid attention to the warning. And I can tell you right now that when the Voice says something to me now, I listen. I pay attention.”

– Clint Walker

* * *

[youtube=]US actor Clint Walker Interview


Uploaded on Jul 11, 2009

Clint Walker is interviewed for the Extraordinary TV series, which includes an inspirational true life event. Clint has always been one of my favourite US actors. I particularly enjoyed his performance as Samson Posey in The Dirty Dozen, alongside Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson, and Sam Whiskey with Burt Reynolds. I am so pleased posting this interview with Clint has been enjoyed and been so inspirational for many of you.


(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Near-death experience & healing miracle! — Doctor: “Clint, you’re a medical mystery”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’ Complete Interview 2012

Cheyenne: “I don’t hold grudges, Miss Kirby”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’ Complete Interview 2012

In his nearly three hour Archive interview, actor Clint Walker talks about the many odd jobs he held before embarking on a film and television career. He tells how he ventured out to Hollywood and landed a role in Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments”, and how the role led to other film projects and eventually a contract with Warner Brothers. Walker then details the series for which he’s best know, Cheyenne, in which he played the title character, “Cheyenne Bodie.” He describes auditioning for the role, how he kept in shape, and the many stunts he performed on the program. He outlines the show’s production schedule, speaks about his co-stars and famous guest-stars, and explains the importance of Cheyenne as television’s first hour-long Western. He explains why he believes Westerns were so popular in the 1950s…. He talks about other film and television appearances, including those in “The Night of the Grizzly,” the made-for-television movie Yuma, and the series Kodiak. Stephen J. Abramson conducted the interview in Beverly Hills, CA on September 21, 2012. (source)

* * *

[youtube=]Clint Walker Interview Part 1 of 3 – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG


(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Near-death experience & healing miracle! — Doctor: “Clint, you’re a medical mystery”

(video) Clint Walker ‘Cheyenne’: Knows ‘What’s Important’ after NDE — “When the Voice says something to me now, I listen”

Cheyenne: “I don’t hold grudges, Miss Kirby”

(color test) 25% of the people have a 4th cone and see colors as they are

CORRECTION 7/12/15: apparently, this article is mostly untrue.

– –

25% of the people have a 4th cone and see colors as they are ;p

The color nuances we see depend on the number and distribution of cones (=color receptors) in our eye. You can check this rainbow: how many color nuances do you count?

You see less than 20 color nuances: you are a dichromats, like dogs, which means you have 2 types of cones only. You are likely to wear black, beige, and blue. 25% of the population is dichromat.

You see between 20 and 32 color nuances: you are a trichromat, you have 3 types of cones (in the purple/blue, green and red area). You enjoy different colors as you can appreciate them. 50% of the population is trichromat.

You see between 33 and 39 colors: you are a tetrachromat, like bees, and have 4 types of cones (in the purple/blue, green, red plus yellow area). You are irritated by yellow, so this color will be nowhere to be found in your wardrobe. 25% of the population is tetrachromat.

Entire Article Here


Online Color Challenge

(video) HUMAN Footprints Among DINOSAUR Tracks Proven – Texas!

[youtube=]The Paluxy fossil human footprints – Genesis Week, special episode #33, season 2 Ian Juby Wazooloo



Published on Apr 26, 2013

In this special edition of Genesis Week, we examine the Paluxy fossil human footprints and interview Dr. Carl Baugh, founder of Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, whose life was radically changed when he discovered fossil human footprints among dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy.

Complete transcript available here:

Random References:
Creation Evidence Museum:

And David Lines’ YouTube channel which hosts CEM’s videos:…

“In quest of the African Dinosaur,” Dr. Louis Jacobs, page 261

Dr. Don Patton’s exhaustive page on his research on the Paluxy tracks:

CT scans of the “Delk Track”…


Kent Hovind: The Hovind Theory about the Creation, the Curse and the Flood – Creation Seminar 6 — The worldwide Genesis flood actually makes total sense, scientifically!

(video) Creation Seminar 3 – Kent Hovind – Dinosaurs (FULL)

Kent Hovind: Did Ron Wyatt Find the Ark of the Covenant?

The Universe is Young — Evidence from Space, Earth, Biology & History

The 10 Best Evidences from Science that Confirm a Young Earth

Give God Glory! How much energy does the Sun produce in a single second?

How much energy does the Sun produce in a single second?

Total Energy of the Stars in the Universe!

Scientists Find 200 Sextillion More Stars in the Sky — The new estimate is 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!

Star Size Comparison HD

Photo: God’s Universe: Our Milky Way–90° Panorama

Ron Wyatt – January 1999: Ark of the Covenant Discovery

[8-minute video] The crucifixion site of Christ: Ron Wyatt’s AMAZING Ark of the Covenant discovery! — Jesus’ blood travelled down the crack in the rock to fall on the MERCY SEAT on the ark!

[ audio ] Ron Wyatt Blood of Christ

The Physical Ashen Remains of Sodom & Gomorrah – Discovered by Ron Wyatt

Revealing God’s Treasure: Red Sea Crossing — See chariot parts and people parts in the sea where the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea on dry ground!

Revealing God’s Treasure: Mt. Sinai — See the blackened, burned peak, the split rock which Moses struck, and the altar which the golden calf was placed!

Revealing God’s Treasure – Ark of the Covenant — North of Jerusalem, hidden in a cave, rests the Ark of the Covenant, found by Ron Wyatt thru the Lord’s leading!

Revealing God’s Treasure: Noah’s Ark Found by the Late Ron Wyatt

17 verses in the Bible state that God expanded the size of the Universe from its original size. What affect did that have on time, and on red and blue shift?

Louie Giglio: How GREAT Is Our GOD — The Heavens Proclaim the GLORY of GOD!

My review: “The Greatest Game Ever Played” — based on a true story

A little movie review:

I’ve been watching a lot of golf for the first time in my life, starting with the PGA tournament at Torrey Pines in early February (partly to see the paragliders — and the got hooked!). My mom loves to watch probably as much! The colors are so vivid on our new widescreen TV, which helps a lot — especially towards the end of another long Alaskan winter!

I played golf with my friend Steve during our University of Minnesota days, after high school — but haven’t since.

And I just watched this movie too, which was mostly delightful, and based on a true story; though, Disney made the father the bad guy, as they often do, or they present the father as a wimp. Disney is definitely pushing an anti-family agenda.

The Walt Disney Picture The Greatest Game Ever Played is the story of Francis Ouimet, a young man who is invited to compete in the 1913 US Open Golf Tournament despite his poor socio-economic. (source)

The young lady Francis is understandably stunned by wasn’t in the original story either; though, this probably does enhance the movie.

What is true and unexpected (and delightful in the movie!!) is that Francis’ caddy, Eddie was only 10-years-old, and they stayed lifelong friends. In the movie, however, Francis’ original caddy is bought off by one of the pros. But in real life, he was Eddie’s older brother, and was caught skipping school. So Eddie took his place, because he was somehow more successful in skipping school.

Trailer: [youtube=]

Francis and Eddie: 50 Years Later: [youtube=]

Eddie Lowery’s Golf Life & Career: [youtube=]


Delightful and inspiring movie that I would have given 4 stars had Disney not demonized the dad.

Shia Labouf was impressive, and his young caddy delightful (reminds me of smaller Patrick Reed, whom I was rooting on to win the Honda Classic in Palm Beach, a few weeks ago)!

– Jeff

(video) Pentagon security camera shows 757 sized object before fireball on 9/11 — My test demonstrates

UPDATED 3/11/15 — after finding an email I wrote in May of 2006, in which I shared my exact measurements

Scroll down for video

– –

Just because the official 9/11 story has been proven false (see articles linked below) doesn’t mean a 757 did not hit the Pentagon. Many thought the incoming object in the surveillance footage was too small to be a 757, and loudly claimed it was a missile instead. My findings refute that, as well as:

Pentagon & Boeing 757 Engine Investigation: Pentagon debris matches the characteristics of a rotor disk from the Rolls-Royce RB211-535 — Too small to be from a Global Hawk or Tomahawk

9/11 Pentagon: What the Physical Evidence Shows — 757 landing gear, wheel hub, fuselage part — severed lamp poles

When the Pentagon security camera footage was released in 2006, I had a higher resolution copy on our digital TV cable box, which I recorded from Democracy Now (online footage at minute-7:25 isn’t as clear). I measured the fuselage diameter and the height of the building with a ruler, and then compared these numbers with the known numbers of the building height and the forward portion of a 757 fuselage, using cross multiplication: replacing one of numbers on the right with ‘x’, and then comparing. It’s easy to do, especially with a wide-screen TV and better quality video, which I no longer have.

The Pentagon height is easy to find: 77 feet 3.5 inches (source)

But the 757 fuselage height is harder to find. In 2006, I thought the fuselage in front of the wing was 12 feet. But the only number I can find today is 13′ 2″ (source). No distinction is made between the forward and aft section, which is clearly taller, and it’s the forward section I measured in the video (the only part visible in the frame). So the forward fuselage height is probably 12″, but may be 13′ 2″.

This is simple cross multiplication formula I used:

known Pentagon ht. ft.          v.        TV Pentagon in.                           known Pentagon ht. ft         v.        TV Pentagon in.
known 757 diameter ft.         v.        TV projectile in.                                             X                     v.        TV projectile in.

My measurements put the diameter of the incoming object we see here at minute-1:26 to be 9.63 feet, a little more than 2 feet less than the known diameter of the forward portion of a 757 fuselage (using the 12′ number), which was close enough for me, because it was hard to judge where the impact really was, which is where I measured the height of the Pentagon with a ruler.

I said in my email that:

“the object in the photo is at least (probably more, because I chose the closest possible impact point) 10 feet….”

On our TV, the plane measures about 3/8 inch high, while the building measures about 3 inches; though, I’m not sure where the point of impact actually was. It could have been where the building would measure even 2.5 inches or so. 

I remember measuring behind the helicopter pad, but not far behind. If I put the 2.5 inch figure into the equation instead of 3 inches, the result is 11.55 feet, which is really close to the known 12 foot number [and even the 13′ 2″ number, if that is the correct height of the forward fuselage].

77     v.      3              or            77     v.      3
x       v.    .375                           x      v.     .375

Cross multiplied, the results are 9.63 and 11.55 feet, respectively.

Many who have seen this video surmised that this object is far too small to be a 757, but that’s because this is shot with a wide angle lens which makes distant objects appear smaller than they really are, including the height of the Pentagon in the distance, as it radically tapers off in size.

My conclusion was that this footage shows an object the size of a large jet did hit the Pentagon. Of course, the video could have been doctored, but the Democracy Now TV image on our wide screen TV was clear enough to pretty easily measure. Many theorized that this object was far too small to be a 757, but it really isn’t. Many said this was a missile, but it’s way too large. A Tomahawk missile is only 20.4 inches in diameter, less than 2 feet!

The official story on 9/11 has been proven to be a fraud and an inside job (see my links below), but that doesn’t mean that planes didn’t hit these buildings, except for Building 7. It’s very possible they weren’t the American and United Airlines planes claimed, though.

If anyone knows of a higher res video or really clear still I’m interested. Some I’ve seen online look like the plane has been removed. The object was easily seen in the Democracy Now TV video, similar to what we see here, but clearer.

* * *

More of my 2006 email:

There are other reasons why I think a 757 hit the Pentagon, but the main one I’d like to share here is what I discovered by taking some measurements of the footage that Democracy Now recently aired; therefore, I was able to check it out on my widescreen TV. I’ll send you some of the things I sent Joel, this morning, which I think proves that what we see in this video is much larger than a missile or a Global Hawk, and is consistent with the size of a 757 fuselage.

This is kind of a hodgepodge, but the bottom line is that the diameter of the plane can be determined by measuring the height of the building at the point of impact and measuring the object (plane or missile). Because we know the building is 77 feet high, the diameter of the aircraft can also be determined, which is just about exactly the 12 feet that a 757 is. […]

On our TV, the plane measures about 3/8 inch high, while the building measures about 3 inches; though, I’m not sure where the point of impact actually was. It could have been where the building would measure even 2.5 inches or so. […]

This is the equation I used to determine the object in the photo is at least (probably more, because I chose the closest possible impact point) 10 feet in diameter, just two feet smaller than a 757.

Pentagon height (77 feet) / height of plane (unknown) = 3 inch TV measurement) / .375 inches TV measurement

77 times .375, divided by 3 equals 10 feet

– –

Pause the video at minute-1:26[youtube=]Pentagon Security Camera video from 9/11

History Commons Groups

Uploaded on Jan 26, 2008

This is video footage from a security camera at the Pentagon made on 9/11 (first of 2). It shows an explosion, apparently when the building is impacted by an airliner. Relevant event in the History Commons database: May 16, 2006: Pentagon Releases Two Videos of Pentagon Crash, But Quality is Poor. Link:…


Pentagon & Boeing 757 Engine Investigation: Pentagon debris matches the characteristics of a rotor disk from the Rolls-Royce RB211-535 — Too small to be from a Global Hawk or Tomahawk

9/11 Pentagon: What the Physical Evidence Shows — 757 landing gear, wheel hub, fuselage part — severed lamp poles

(HD video) 9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger — Massive amount of research shared!

(video) A&E for 9/11 Truth Architect Richard Gage on C-SPAN 8/1/14 — “The ends of the BEAMS were partially EVAPORATED! That takes 4000 DEGREE temperatures. The only thing we’re aware of that can create that is thermite”

(6-minute video) 9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying — Low-temp kerosene/paper fires could not have MELTED, radically bent WITHOUT CRACKING, and even FUSED steel

(video) Top architect explains why 9/11 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and Al Qaeda didn’t have the technology or access to do it. Who did? Two months before the ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION PROJECT, Nick ROCKEFELLER predicted a 9/11-like event to trigger war!

(video) POWERFUL 9/11 Documentary Airs on PBS Across Colorado!!!!!!!

(audio) Airline Captain Philip Marshall with John B. Wells on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 9/8/12: “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror” — Fasten your seatbelt — the sad truth is that all of the solid evidence points to a dark collaboration between members of the Bush Administration and a covert group of Saudi government officials. The hijackers were trained at a CIA-operated airport in Arizona.

(video) Bush & Cheney Knew About 9/11 Months Before It Happened Says Whistleblower, Susan Lindauer, Charged Under Patriot Act

(audio) The Other 9/11 Suspects: Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc. — Insider, Kevin Ryan on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ with John B. Wells, 8/31/13 — WTC was designed to survive an impact of airliners and certified to withstand intense fires!

Joel Skousen: Best Evidence – 9/11 attacks a government black operation from beginning to end

A PNAC Primer: How We Got Into This Mess

(video) Nick Rockefeller Predicted “Event” To Trigger War Eleven Months Before 9/11

[13-minute video] The Official 9/11 Story Defies Science — Experts PROVE that sooty black burning JET FUEL (kerosene) DOES NOT MELT STEEL!!!

(video) Psychologists Explain 911 Denial — Fear, Pride…. “We need the truth in order to heal.”

David Rockefeller: “I’m PROUD of” being “part of a SECRET CABAL working AGAINST the best interests of the United States”

(video) Molten Steel Found at Ground Zero Weeks After 9/11

Architect Richard Gage on 9/11 truth: “98% of those who watch this presentation end up agreeing with us…. We really only get called conspiracy theorists and kooks by those who are UNWILLING TO LOOK at the evidence.”

(video) 9/11 Masterminds – Explosive Connections

(video) 9/11 Molten-Steel Smoking Gun! Brian Williams (NBC) presents the WTC Metorite — “Exposed to TEMPERATURES AS HOT AS THE INNER EARTH”

Swedish Structural Engineer: WTC Towers Did Not Collapse from Fire

[Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Video] 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, Full-length

All of my 9/11 truth posts in reverse chronological order (latest posts appear first, 10 posts per page)

Fox: Not quite porn… or news — Distracting viewers with mis-information and ‘info-babes’

Many ‘Christians’ are allowing themselves to be deceived into reverse-Christian warmongering, accepting the unconstitutional NSA police state, …. “Sex sells and the US is buying.”

A little bit is not okay: The Low-Cut Top Epidemic: May We Be Holy

– –


Fox: Not quite porn… or news

RT America has an article out (complete with pictures) about the revealing dress of the Fox News ‘info-babes,’ the audience this is aimed towards and the lack of actual news that Fox produces:

Low décolleté and a miniskirt leaving not that much to the imagination is regular business attire for Fox News’ female pundits. In recent years, media mogul Rupert Murdoch has taken the British tabloid style of, for lack of a better word, news, and introduced it to his American entities under his own News Corporation umbrella. [This is how Murdoch got his start and the money to buy FOX – editor] …

Fox’s audience is composed mainly of middle aged men — and it’s not surprising that many of them watch the channel on mute. Who cares what that girl is talking about as long as she wears that blue dress? What’s also not surprising, though, is how much and what kind of information Fox’s viewers receive. According to a poll published by Fairleigh Dickinson University, people who get their information from Fox News know significantly less about news both in the US and the world than people who watch no news at all.

Sex sells and the US is buying. … It’s the dumbing down of news for absent-minded Americans and it is being swallowed up by swarms of viewers who are only interested in one thing.

Entire Article Here

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Rupert Murdoch’s Growing Porn Empire

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(video) Reporters Expose FOX News’ Collusion with Monsanto to Lie About BGH/Cancer Link — “The news is what we say it is”

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Analyzing O’Reilly’s body language—Anger, Personal Space

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“Bill, show the world you have some courage.” Jesse Ventura challenges Bill O’Reilly to an interview. “Our media, today, is into creating the news rather than reporting it.”

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Man Drank 45 Beers, Got ‘Riled Up’ By Fox News Before Mosque Arson (VIDEO) — “I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio”

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