Three Questions for Memorial Day: (1) Can we remember without attributing reasons for war that aren’t in fact the real reasons? (2) Can we remember the innocent victims of war even as we remember those who died while fighting? (3) Can we remember without the “us versus them” factor? — Perhaps if all who died were commemorated…

The way we celebrate Memorial Day really bothers me.

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From: RedLetterChristians

Three Questions for Memorial Day


As Memorial Day is celebrated, is memory really what is encouraged or is it just an exercise in imagining? In other words, can we tell the truth on Memorial Day? While some truth is given voice on this solemn occasion, there are other important truths that are distorted in the telling or pushed from memory altogether. This is the case, not just in community Memorial Day services, but in churches that allow a Memorial Day focus to be introduced into worship. While I find the inclusion of this nationalist holiday in worship a wholly inappropriate, theologically unjustifiable practice, I find it doubly disturbing that from what I have seen churches do little to introduce much needed truth to the occasion.


Right remembering of the dead is a moral undertaking. It shows respect for the departed and displays sympathy for family members and friends left behind. But untruthful memorials serve other purposes, sometimes masking truth and glorifying that which should not be glorified. I think there are some questions we should ask as Memorial Day approaches.

(1) Can we remember without attributing reasons for war that aren’t in fact the real reasons? To celebrate Memorial Day by claiming soldiers died that we might be free is misleading. The real causes behind most wars have had little to do with protecting freedom of speech or assembly or worship. Major General Smedley Butler, USMC , declared, “Beautiful ideals were painted for our boys who were sent out to die.… No one mentioned to them, as they marched away, that their going and their dying would mean huge war profits.”  Can we remember in a way that doesn’t falsify the causes of war, justify national self-righteousness, or turn Memorial Day into a recruiting tool to entice the young to enter the armed forces?

(2) Can we remember the innocent victims of war, even as we remember those who died while fighting? The majority of people who die in wars are not combatants. It is certainly not the case that sufficient care is taken by the military to avoid civilian deaths or that investigations of the deaths of the innocent are always undertaken. For those who believe otherwise, I highly recommend the viewing of the critically acclaimed, Academy Award nominated documentary Dirty Wars. Far too many people have suffered at the hands of the American military who have engaged in no armed hostilities. Yet they are maimed and killed, often on ill-founded suspicions. Remembering these men, women, and children can help us remember rightly on Memorial Day.

Also by Craig: The Nationalistic Corruption of Worship in America

(3) Can we remember without the “us versus them” factor that is inevitable when we honor “our” war dead?  Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day and it served as an occasion to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By including the war dead on both sides of the conflict, the day was used to affirm unity rather than reinforce division. The sacrifice of the soldiers was acknowledged but one side was not glorified over the other. Can we remember those who died in war without reinforcing nationalism? Perhaps if all who died on battlefields were commemorated on Memorial Day –and not just Americans- the occasion might foster something greater than national unity: a global unity rooted in an acknowledgment of the tragedy of war.

Those Americans who suffered and died in war ought to be remembered. The grave difficulties endured by of those who faced armed conflict and lost their lives should be recognized. The soldiers’ best intentions in allowing themselves to be put in harm’s way –regardless of the actual reasons for war- deserve to be honored. But in the process, war itself should not be honored, the reasons for war whitewashed, nor should the suffering and the deaths of others be ignored. Rather “putting away falsehood, let all of us speak the truth to our neighbor” (Ephesians 4:25).

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A bit of my testimony & 4 Ways to Quiet Your Spirit Before God, by Steve Hill — “Instead of getting depressed and complaining, they began to praise God!”

As a senior in high school (St. Croix Lutheran in W. St. Paul, MN) in the ’70s, I realized I couldn’t love people fully enough, and that I needed God’s help to do it. I didn’t know if Christianity was the right religion, because Lutheranism hadn’t done it for me, or from what I could see in those around me. So I decided to research every religion until I found the right one. I started by reading the Bible for myself, starting with the Book of Acts.

When I read this story about Paul and Silas being thrown into prison — being beaten, yet they still worshiped with their whole being, God filling them so fully — I realized they had it.

And I’ve never needed to look anywhere else, but have been frustrated by how sub-biblical Christianity mostly is today.

Anyway, these are highlights of this article, 4 Ways to Quiet Your Spirit Before God, by Steve Hill:

Remember when Paul and Silas were in prison? They were not only chained; they had also been severely beaten. Most likely their prison cell was infested with rats, and diseases were rampant.

I can imagine Paul looking at the burns on his hands from the chains and the cuts all over his body. He and Silas were hurting, and their lives were in jeopardy. But what did they do? Instead of getting depressed and complaining, they began to praise God.

I can just hear them lifting their voices to God in praise in the midst of their desperation, saying, “We worship You, Lord. We worship You, Jesus. Thank You for Your presence. Thank You for Your strength. We love You, Lord.”

It caught the attention of heaven, and God sent an earthquake to deliver them!


I must use the story of Jesus in the garden during His passion as the example of aligning ourselves to God’s will. …

But something else happened to Jesus in the garden after He prayed. Notice the next verse: “An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him” (v. 43). My friend, this is so powerful. Always remember that after Jesus resigned Himself to God’s will, the angels strengthened Him.

And so it is with you. It’s after you resign yourself to God’s will that the angels will come and strengthen you!


Here is where so many miss it. They allow their present situation to dictate everything that’s going on around them. Instead, you must learn to relax and say, “This is a season, and it is going to pass. It’s going to bring the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Some good is going to come out of this.”

Isaiah 30:15 tells us why it’s so important to learn how to quiet our spirits: “In quietness and trust is your strength” (NIV). It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Quieting your spirit will help you navigate through the storms of life no matter what you are going through and no matter what’s happening in the world around you. It’s an art and a spiritual discipline that will change your life and help set the course for your future as it has mine. Why not begin today?

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Color Not Compromised for ISO – The Phase One IQ250 Camera

I’ve spent thousands of hours researching various aspects of photography, but still, every once in awhile, I’ll see something that blows away what I’ve thought for many years. This is one of those very exciting, eureka-moment articles that has blown away my previous paradigm, so I thought I’d share.

Color used to be determined by the film companies, mainly Kodak, and then Fuji. But then came digital, so now the camera companies are in complete control of what color their cameras can capture. I’ve thought that Nikon and Canon would never compromise color for anything, until I read this article a few months ago.

Apparently, they’re compromising color in order to get higher ISO, low light sensitivity, which isn’t good news for me, since I go to great lengths to get the best color I can, but can’t afford to switch from full-frame Canon to medium format, at this time, where color has not been compromised for ISO.

Here is the scoop. Apparently, most photographers are completely unaware of this. So far, every pro I’ve mentioned this to didn’t know. Very interesting how marketing works. Sometimes high ISO is more important than color, for shooting the northern lights and night photography, for example, but for most of what I photograph, I’d rather have the best color possible.

It would be nice if Canon and Nikon offered two versions of their higher end cameras: one tweaked for ISO (current models) and the other for color.

Note: apparently, this is the first time a medium format camera is using the CMOS sensor, which is the current standard in 35mm cameras, such as Nikon and Canon.

From: Luminous Landscape

The Phase One IQ250 CMOS Fully Realized
by Doug Peterson

Prerequisite Reading

If you haven’t heard about the IQ250 yet, I’d suggest before you read this article you read this site’s preliminary review and Digital Transitions’ 11 Things to Know About the Phase One IQ250


…Color. Color. Color.

…when Sony approached Phase One with an offer to build what would eventually become the IQ250 sensor there was one looming questions, could Phase One tame CMOS color?

Historically, CMOS has not had the best reputation for color rendition. But teasing apart cause and effect has been, up until now, very difficult. CMOS and CCD were being used by very different companies in very different systems. Most CMOS cameras are built for the broadest possible range of applications. They are built by consumer electronics companies with a volume sales business model, where features and price are higher priorities than image quality.

As one example, the selection of a CFA, the color pattern put in front of the sensor, is a choice between quality of color, and ISO performance. If the CFA allows each pixel to see a broader spectrum of color (e.g. for the green pixels to see a bit further into yellow) a camera’s ISO range can be modestly increased. The resulting loss in color quality is subtle – subtle variations in color are missed and a handful of specific colors become difficult to photograph. In a market where a ISO 25,600 camera has a leg up on a ISO12,800 camera, the engineers are under enormous pressure to pick the modestly increased ISO over subtle color quality. Copenhagen, We Are Go / No Go For Color

This sort of mentality is blissfully lacking in the R+D at Phase One. …color and image quality were far more important than a marginal improvement in ISO. …

Niels [Niels V. Knudsen] has the informal title “Image Professor,” and is best known inside Phase One as the dark wizard of color. He is responsible for the fine tuned profiles made for all the cameras that Capture One supports.

This has meant that for over a decade he has produced color profiles for every major CMOS camera. He has come to know CMOS color from dSLRS like a friend or perhaps like a frenemy. As he describes it, “I am always fighting with profiling CMOS dSLRs to control accuracy while allowing for subtlety and robustness. Every time I fix one color another color jumps out and bites. These cameras’ color response is brittle.”

Entire Article Here


The World’s First CMOS Medium Format Back: An Interview and First Tests (A more pleasing noise is mentioned, making 6400 ISO very useable)

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Bonhoeffer: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless.”

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer




Dr. Stan freedom quote: “Men and women become accomplices to the evils they fail to oppose. And certainly, when you’re silent in the face of evil you’re going right along with evil.”

Dr. Stanley Monteith: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and His justice is not going to sleep forever” — “There are people working behind the scenes who are setting us up for this terrible, terrible conflict that’s coming. Behind that there are powerful, spiritual forces”

(video) Epigenetics and the Lost Connection To Humanity — What happens when BABIES AREN’T HELD and NURTURED? “Genes never get turned on properly…”

Fascinating — (disregarding the evolution language)!

Perhaps this will help us have more compassion and be able to understand and forgive those who are so self centered and narcissistic.

“If you don’t have a high nurturing mother at that time, those genes never get turned on properly.”

– Darcia Narvaez

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Starts getting really interesting at 4:45[youtube=]Epigenetics And The Lost Connection To Humanity


Published on Apr 30, 2014

Alex welcomes author and Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame Dr. Darcia Narvaez to discuss epigenetics and the different factors that impact and influence a child’s neurodevelopment.…
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