[video] Cute – Otters Holding Hands II!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKPx5OaMHjw]Cute- Otters Holding Hands!


Video: Otters Holding Hands – Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!!!

Video: Lion Hugs Rescuer – So Cool!!!

Christian the Lion—How Our Heart Should Be

[Awesome WONDERFUL video!!!] Elephants Shirley and Jenny reunite after a 22-year separation — The bonding was immediate, intense and unforgettable!!!!!!!

[Timesaver Tip!] How To Speed Up Online Videos — Offline Too!

[UPDATE October 2016] I’ve been using this option pretty much daily ever since posting this in 2013. It’s worked fine in all of the browsers I’ve tried. But recently, in Apple’s Safari browser (all other browsers I’ve tried are fine), the sound muffles slightly when videos are speeded up. The speed boost still works in Safari. I sometimes use it anyway, but for best playback audio quality, browsers other than Safari are preferred. Browsers I’ve tried that have excellent sound quality when speed boosted are Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Also, I recently posted this: HOW TO CHANGE THE PLAYBACK SPEED OF A YOUTUBE VIDEO (tutorial)

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From: TimeAtlas.com

How To Speed Up Videos


Speeding up Online Videos

Most times, I was trying to speed up videos that I was viewing on the web. In these instances, the best program I’ve found is Enounce MySpeed . It’s a small app that monitors online videos. If the tool detects that it can adjust the video speed, it displays a small slider. This slider allows you to adjust video playback speed within a set range from .3x to 5x.


Speeding up YouTube Videos

If your primary goal is to speed up YouTube videos, there’s a free option in testing. You’ll have to sign up for the YouTube HTML5 trial and use a supported browser. You can see in the screen snap below, the YouTube interface is slightly different than in my previous example. The speed control is built into the bottom portion of the video frame. Clicking the Speed button opens a menu where you can increase the video playback from .25x to 2x.

As the speed feature is still in testing, it doesn’t work on all online videos. Some known limitations include full screen videos and videos with ads. There may be additional issues if you’re testing other YouTube features.

Using Windows Media Player to Speed Up Videos

Sometimes the video you want to speed up is a movie you’ve downloaded to your computer such as an .avi, .wmv or .mp4 file. In this case, I would use Windows Media Player enhancements. The free program is included with most versions of Microsoft Windows and you can download the newest version from their site .


Using QuickTime Player to Speed Up Videos

Another popular video player is Apple’s free QuickTime video player that is bundled with iTunes. It plays .mov, .mp4, .avi and MPEG-1 files. Like Windows Media player, it also allows you to adjust the speed on videos you’ve downloaded to your PC.


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[video] Rodney Lough, Jr. speaks to Google: How he left the ‘safe’ corporate world to pursue what he’s impassioned to do!

Rodney’s San Francisco gallery is the largest single artist gallery in the world!

I’m a big fan, having been to three of his four galleries, multiple times!

Quirky sense of humor…

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Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Rodney Lough, Jr.:

“If I had wanted to make money,
becoming an artist was probably not the smartest move.”

“Enrich people’s lives through nature — that’s what I’m seeking to do. …
It only works because I have the passion.”


“Remember we were talking earlier about talent? I’ve actually looked through a lot of other people’s cameras through the years, and some people absolutely have it, and some people don’t. And I can’t explain why that is, other than this concept of we all have different talents, right?

But I’ve had five, six people on this side of me [left], five, six people on this side of me [right]. We’re all looking at the same thing, and I go look at their cameras, and every single one of them is different. It’s really unique, actually. It’s kind of fun.”

* * *

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIN3wKudqc0]Rodney Lough, Jr.: Photography at Google


Published on Jan 30, 2013

You can find more about Rodney’s art at: http://rodneyloughjr.com

Rodney has been traveling to the ends of the earth and weathered all types of climates, in a quest to find nature’s most exquisite terrains to photograph. Equipped with his Dodge 4×4 turbo biodiesel truck, Lance camper, 26′ Custom Jet Boat, camera and tripod — Rodney is determined to obtain that perfect image of Mother Nature at her best. From the sweltering dry deserts of the American Southwest to the Rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, from waist-deep snow fields of the great Alaska wilderness to the frigid peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Rodney has survived everything the earth has thrown at him. He’s even survived a fall off a 30 foot cliff!

Renowned for the vibrant colors and vivid textures of his wilderness and landscape photography, Rodney is a purist who captures what nature creates, using no color filters or darkroom deception. The world today is a remarkable place full of beauty and splendor,” Rodney exclaims. “To witness the simple grandeur of creation, the miracle of nature, is perhaps all that we need. The peace received while viewing a leaf turned color at the height of fall is immense and divine.”

My First Ever ‘Manimal’ Dream

As far as I know, I’ve never had a dream about anything like this before.

I was standing near a small group of people (maybe four) who had shotguns, and I thought they were hunting rabbits; though, it was on a rocky shoreline where rabbits usually wouldn’t be seen.

They were all standing on top of a 30-foot-long, 15-foot-high rock outcropping, but one lady walked back onto land, and stood on my right. I looked where they were looking and spotted two ‘rabbits.’ The woman next to me raised her shotgun, and a guy on the rock aimed down at them too.

The ‘animals’ didn’t move quickly like rabbits, and stayed upright as they lowered themselves into the water. Then I realized the one had what looked almost like a human head, round and much bigger than a rabbit’s head would be, and not much hair. That’s when I semi-yelled: “humans!” But if they were fully human I would have screamed. No one shot, and they didn’t say a word.

Then I saw the manimal family in a hollowed out rock with a large opening on the side. It looked like about six of them. Two in the center were much bigger and had humanlike round heads. But they clearly weren’t even close to fully human.

When I awoke, I pondered what I had just seen, and thought of Jesse Ventura’s ‘Manimal’ episode of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ that aired recently, which I’m including below. The show goes into the evidence that part man/part animal creatures are being bred, and this has probably been going on for quite some time.

Apparently, it’s important enough for us to be aware of, which was why I was given this dream. They’re not just breeding salmon with eel to get the ‘frankenfish’ the FDA has already partially approved.

– Jeff

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WGQjsV9AxY]Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Manimal


(audio) Katherine Albrecht: Nightmares // Transhumanism // Animal Experimentation