(photo) Wisconsin Lutheran Choir Inspires Anchorage Alaska

A WELS Lutheran college choir that a relative sings in inspired me this summer! Since then, I’ve posted many vocal harmony videos in my MUSIC Videos That Matter category. During high school, I played trumpet, but regret now that I didn’t do anything vocal except just me and my guitar.

I attended Wisconsin Synod Lutheran (WELS) schools K-12, and was particularly blessed by hearing the lyrics of these two songs during this concert:

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Fenske Family Portrait

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year,

Buddy Pat Jeff

Our Christmas card – happy, creative days! Mom estimates I was about age-5.

I barely remember that my mouth was red because I had just been to the dentist where they used red dye to help spot cavities.

My dad’s real name was Philip, but many called him Buddy.

The famous Jesus-knocking-on-the-door painting is overhead.

Rangefinder camera on self-timer with bulb flash

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Moose Poop Pile Record!

The snow is almost gone, which is about two weeks late this year, so I walked through this part of our yard to see exactly how many moose poop piles were dropped by our visitors this winter, and counted 36 piles of moose poop in this area we see here — and 48 piles in the entire yard!

April 25, 2017

Canon 5Ds R

Anchorage, Alaska