Photos soon

I just finished reading most of a very helpful Lightroom book (Lightroom 2: Streamlining your digital photography process by Nathaniel Coalson), so I should have some photos posted soon.

Perhaps there is a good side to this Photoshop glitch. As I had considered before, Lightroom may end up being my main processing tool, for which I would then only then go to Photoshop for things Lightroom can’t do.

I very  much appreciate Coalson’s writing style. Based on the later copyright date and how clearly it’s written, it’s obvious this book wasn’t thrown together to meet a publisher’s deadline, like so many computer books are. Though it still doesn’t cover everything that Lightroom can do : (

Also, the fall colors are finally hitting Turnagain Arm and the lower elevations in Anchorage, so I hope to get some colorful shots during the next few days.

God bless!

Jeff : )

Still stuck apparently by the new Mac update

I thought I’d give a brief update for those wondering. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m all ears.

I’m still getting washed out colors in Photoshop CS4 after installing Apple’s Snow Leopard Mac update, so I’m still unable to post photos. But what does one do when the answers aren’t readily available on the web and Adobe’s and Apple’s updates don’t fix the problem?

Apparently, this isn’t a problem experienced by many. This is the closest thing I could find:;jsessionid=351ABE01460D7759344B22968650ADD8.node0.

And no one has a solution for him. And this is Adobe’s own forum!

Plan B:
I do use another Adobe program called Lightroom for some things, and its colors still rock. So it looks like I’m going to have to learn how to do it all in Lightroom until I get this bug worked out.

It’s too bad we can’t get brain plug-ins to augment the areas we’re personally underpowered in. We all have those areas, right? Like I could use a geek plug-in: the ability to easily figure out how to use software. But then we wouldn’t need to work together — God’s wise design.

I look forward to the day when His kingdom, ONE happens in our midst — the body of Christ — each doing their unique parts — working together as ONE….

Can you smell the roses? We can do it. Why wait?


Frustrated! (but excited as I have some cool images to post. And I got these new glasses…)

Fall Colors in Alaska and Jeff Fenske Update

For those interested:

I had planned on doing a lot of ‘landscape’ photography this summer, but I ended up focusing on flowers mostly instead. Now that flowers are over with and the fall colors are out, I’m hitting the landscape hard. I’m very excited!

Eagle River Road has glorious fall colors! I shot some photos yesterday, and made it to Hatcher Pass too. Upper portions of Hatcher Pass are already beyond their peak.

Turnagain Arm and Girdwood apparently still don’t have the colors fully going yet. It’s interesting how elevation and proximity to the ocean varies starting dates of the display so much. I hope to spend some time there shooting areas I’ve scouted out. It’s hard to get it all done, having to work a real job and the weather not usually ideal.

I shot a photo of Powerline Pass at 4am on 9/7 (2.5 days after the full moon) that really turned out cool. I was only seeing in black and white (rods and cones), but when I took the shot, exposed for daylight (something I’ve wanted to try for awhile), wallah! Fall colors extravagant!!! What a surprise that was! I’ll put up the blue-sky-with-stars image later. Continue reading “Fall Colors in Alaska and Jeff Fenske Update”



© Jeff Fenske

Rarely seen blowhole on a soon-to-be-extinct Boeing whale that surfaced recently in Anchorage.

747s are known as “Whales” because of their distinctive, upper-section hump.

[youtube=]The Amazing Boeing 747 Crew emergency exit from cockpit, unique design features